08 November 2011

Animé-niac 2

Took a snapshot before going out. YAWN... ZZZzzz... Still feeling sleepy in the pic ;-)
I still wanted to stay inside and dream about making steamy, passionate love with Ricky Martin but it's back to work again after the long holiday weekend. Darn it. Haha!

Anyway, last time I featured some of my favorite Japanese animated series, this time I'm posting some of my favorite American animated series.
I had nothing much to do during the very rainy weekend, so I thought of creating this compilation vid.
The 80s cartoons brought back a lot of Saturday morning childhood nostalgia :-)
Hay naku! Crush ko yang si He-Man at Conan. Loincloth lang ang suot. Easy access sa harapan at sa likuran. LOL!

Never let go of your childhood memories, especially the happy ones for they will prevent you
from becoming jaded in the complex and at times cruel world of adulthood.
Have a wonderful day :-)