15 December 2012


Waiting for Prince Charming to wake me up with a kiss. Hehehe!
Been super stressed lately (too personal an issue to go into details of the cause) and it's starting to take a toll on the way I look.
Went to a skin medical center and got myself a facial treatment because
my face is breaking out.
I also had a procedure done on my chest and back to maintain a smooth skin ;-)
Kaartehan ba? Wala naman yumayakap or humihimas sa akin, pero nagpapakinis pa ng balat. 

Afterwards, the dermatologist examined my scalp because my hair is thinning, particularly
on the back of my head.
I'm not insecure of the receding hairline on my forehead, I actually think it adds umm..."character." However, the thinning patch on the back of my head annoys me. I want to have it treated before it gets worse.
Inaalagaan naman kita. Di naman pipitsugin ang shampoong ginagamit ko sa yo, bakit ayaw  mong magcooperate? Arte mong buhok ka ha, masyadong matampuhin. LOL!
My dermatologist injected something on my scalp. I forgot the name of the drug, I do not have my medical record with me at the moment of typing this down.
I used to be a skinhead so if the condition got worse, I can always shave my head.
But I'm not going to give up without a fight. I like having hair. I want to have some bangs and curls. LOL! 
Have a nice weekend :-)

08 December 2012


I was thinking of going out for a friendly meeting. Nothing serious, no hanky panky.
Maybe seeing a fresh new face would take some of the boredom I've been feeling lately.
I took this photo to make sure I looked presentable :-)
Talaga naman no. Papicture picture ceremony pa ang inyong lingkod. LOL!
Unfortunately I had to cancel the meeting because I was informed that there's heavy traffic going on due to some road & bridge maintenance near my town.
I hate traffic and I drive a manual stick shift. Driving in traffic being stuck in 1st and 2nd gear for 30 minutes to an hour can strain one's leg and feet which at my age is becoming a sad reality. 

I've already accepted the fact that I am not as young nor fresh as I used to be.
I'm already 37 and is close to starting my middle-aged years.
I am to be honest, afraid of getting old although I'm aware it's something inevitable.
The strange this is, majority of the ones flirting with me seem to be in the younger age group.
Most of them are in their 20s but some are even as young as 19 years old. Old enough to be my son or nephew. LOL! Of course I do not "entertain" the very young ones. Baka hindi pa legal mga yun no, mapamahak pa ako or tawaging "cradle snatcher." LOL! 
Guys my age, do not seem to be interested in me.
It's amusing whenever these young ones refer to me as a "daddy."
I used to joke about the daddy term but oh well! Might as well officially accept the title.
So yeah, you can call me "dad" but only if you promised to sit on my lap wearing only your birthday suit my beloved "son." LOL! :-)

My oh my! How I've aged.
This pic was taken 4 or so years ago.
I do miss my bangs and cheekbones. LOL! :-)

01 December 2012


I've made this video last October and I wasn't able to publish it here in my blog that time.
Anyone who has read my blog probably already knows that I'm fond of music and doing music countdowns.
In the past, I had presented a countdown of ballads performed by female singers, this time
it's the men's turn. 

Most of the songs are power ballads from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, decades that are close to my heart since they remind me of my childhood and teen years.
Have a wonderful time listening and have a great weekend :-)

24 November 2012

Nighty! Night!

♫  Every second of the night...I live another life... 
Yeah, I'm fond of that song.
Another uneventful week has ended. Another night spent in a sleepy provincial town.
Yawn :-)

I took a pic using my phone. I was bored at the moment.
I wish iPhone would improve the quality of its front-facing cam. 
It's hard using the main camera on the back of the iPhone when taking photos of yourself.
Nighty! Night!
Oops! Didn't trim. LOL! ;-)

Thanks goes to a few people who commented and emailed me personally
regarding my last posting. I appreciate it.

13 September 2012


Stayed at home for almost a week. Got a nasty cold and cough.
I hate it whenever I get sick because I feel that I do not deserve to get sick since I
take good care of my body. I don't smoke, I eat healthy, I don't drink alcohol, I workout... Oh well.... Divine Injustice!!! LOL!
Since I had nothing much to do at home, I decided to upload a clearer version of one of my earliest online videos.
It's merely a test vid.

I was around 30-31 when I recorded this.
Just fooling around in the house with my cam.
Time flew by so fast.

21 August 2012


Land and sea. Sun and sand. A humble fishing village. A remote island. 
Back to basics. Fun times! :-)

Camera was a little shaky in some parts, I forgot to bring my tripod and I wasn't feeling
well during the trip.

You can select the HD button for a sharper image.

08 August 2012

Flooded 2012

Like what took place a few years ago, most of the country is heavily flooded.
The Philippines is being inundated by torrential rains for almost 2 weeks now.
It's sad that floods have become a "normal" thing here in the country during the
monsoon season.

I and my family are still fortunate, that we weren't severely affected by the floods unlike
most of my countrymen whose entire homes were submerged in water.
The weather bureau stated that the country will still be experiencing rain until the weekend.
I hope Mother Nature would ease up a bit and stop bitching :-)

If you wish to help the victims of the flood, you can do so by visiting
the website of the Philippine Red Cross at


The images below are courtesy of photojournalists from Reuters Philippines

18 July 2012

Girl Power

Slow news week and apparently I haven't been preoccupied lately.
I finished making this new video countdown in less than an hour actually.
Obviously it's about ballads perfomed by female vocalists from the 80s, 90s and onward.
I first published this in YouTube a day ago but the vid cannot be played outside of that website so I had to upload it in Vimeo.
The songs brought back some nice memories.

I really miss making my original short gay oriented movie clips.
If only I had or am friends with someone who share the same
hobby as I do who could help or participate in making a vid.

16 July 2012


Phone video. Stuck in Manila traffic. 
Usad pagong from Balintawak to Trinoma area.
Ryan was the one driving because I hate driving in the city, and I'm much more
hot tempered than him when I'm behind the wheel regardless of my
eternally boyishly boyish innocent sounding lil ol' voice. Hehehe! :-)

I'm really not fond of the city. 
Traffic is horrible and public transport vehicles especially the jeepneys and buses are very unruly. 
Mga bus na yan kasi, mga adik nagmamaneho.
Dapat kasi government ang nag ooperate ng mga bus sa city tulad ng sa ibang bansa, at hindi mga private bus companies na pera lang ang nasa isip. Naaalala niyo pa ba ang government-owned Love Bus?

FYI! No bladder "incident" took place. We eventually reached our
destination safe and sound. LOL!

08 July 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Though I'm not overly keen to admit it, I do like watching those reality TV singing competitions.
Call it a guilty pleasure.
I enjoy it most especially if the contestants started singing my favorite tunes.
Now I present you a video countdown of a medley of performances from
various reality TV singing contests.

Yes, I am fond of the "guy with a guitar" contenders. 
Come on, admit it! They're very nice to look at and pleasant to listen to.
I mean if any of them like Matt for instance serenaded me, guitar in hand, I'll not only throw a kiss at the dude but my undies as well. LOL! 
Oh heck! I'll even throw my naked bod at him. Touchdown! Haha!
Enjoy the music.

15 June 2012

Home Improvement

Ryan has been nagging me since forever that he wanted to have
another pantry built in our informal dining room.
Well...after a month's time, his hard work has paid off.
He was the one who designed it and did the labor along with the
carpenter he hired. 
It took more or less than a month to finish because
he and his carpenter only worked on it during weekends.

I like the sliding shelves.
We wanted some frosted glass effect on the main panels but it's quite expensive
so we had to "shelve" that idea. Pun intended ;-)
The top glass panels are frosted though.  

Since I do not do/I hate hard manual labor, I just helped fund his project. LOL!
We screwed a doorstop on the floor so that the French door
will not hit the pantry when someone opens it.

And now I'm gonna help myself to some chips because it's a well-known fact 
that eating ummm....calms one's soul. Hahaha!
Look at me, talking about home improvements. 
The former nightlife-loving, wild twink of years ago, is now a "domesticated" dad? LOL!
All I need now is handsome "son", and if anyone is interested to apply then kindly
email me your résumé complete with police/nbi clearance, with attached clear face pics AND full body nude photos. 
The "son" must keep in mind that he MUST only wear a fundoshi when inside the house so that Ryan and I will remain happy daddies.
Hahaha! Kidding!
Have a nice weekend. Babush! :-)

videokeman mp3
Wild Ones Ft. Sia – Flo Rida Song Lyrics

29 May 2012


I received an email weeks ago from a blog reader asking if I could also do a countdown featuring
English OPM (Original Pilipino Music) ballads as a follow-up to
a previous video I had posted featuring Tagalog ballads from the 70s 80s 90s and onwards.
Well, his request is granted. Have a wonderful time listening :-)

The background footage I used is from the video game, "Flower" for the Playstation 3.
It's a unique game that I recommend to PS3 owners.

02 May 2012


Cheers on our 6th year anniversary. 
Although sometimes it feels more
like 10 years because of a certain someone's nagging nature ;-P 
Yung mouth niya minsan ha. Parang gatling gun. Ang ingay! Ratatatatat! Kaasar! Sarap hampasin ng batuta ko. Wait! Parang ang bastos naman yata ng pagkakasabi ko. Paumanhin po sa mga konserbatibong mambabasa ng aking blog. Hehehe!
My golly gosh gosh! We're getting older.
Now I know why the young ones lovingly (major emphasis on the word lovingly ok? haha!) refer to us as "dads", it's...because...we really do look like daddies.
All we need now is a handsome, hot, caring, and obedient "son." 
A slave son. LOL!
Come on young man. Sit on daddy's lap. I command you! Haha!

Well, I am turning 37 this year and Ryan will be 39 this week.
We've already accepted the fact that we're not as young as we used to be.
Not the "flavors-of-the-month" anymore. 
My blog and my YouTube channel have been witnesses to how he and I have aged throughout the years.
I hope we continue to grow old umm....gracefully? Crossing my fingers.
Again, Happy Anniversary to both of us and Happy Birthday to Ryan.
Yeah! I'm tipsy in the pic ;-)
Have a nice day! 

21 April 2012


Ooohhhh!!!! ANG INIT! Summer is in full swing.
It's so hot! I wish I can wear my birthday suit at home, at work, wherever.
The heat will be much tolerable that way. Hahaha!
Actually, I'm wearing my birthday suit as I'm typing this down. LOL!
Still, I prefer summer over the season that follows it which is The Monsoon.
Rainy/monsoon season brings with it those ghastly floods and typhoons.

So, what are we gonna talk about now? 
Checked my email a few days ago and I've gotten some
interesting questions from a few of my blog readers.
Sorry if it took me this long to reply. Anyway, on to the questions.

Question #1 is from someone named islandgirl69. I wonder if she's really a "girl" hehe! Kidding! I love the number "69" though. LOL!
The question is; "Should a transgender like Jenna Talackova be allowed to join Ms. Universe, what is your view?"

Answer; First of all islandgirl69, why the hell are you asking me about pageants? LOL! I think pageants are ridiculous. I do watch those pageants sometimes. They are entertaining, but they are so petty. I mean just the phrase itself; "beauty pageant" is so petty. Models do not even want to be compared to beauty queens. Beauty is relative and cannot be simply determined by a small group of judges and so-called "beauty experts."
Well, to answer your question, the fact that Jenna had her dick and balls removed and had breasts attached is enough proof of how dedicated she is in joining the contest. So yes, she and other trangenders should be allowed to join ;-) That Jenna gal looks gorgeous by the way.
It's only a pageant. It's something that is not socially relevant, and it's not going to cause the collapse of human civilization if they're allowed to participate in it. 
It's just pure entertainment.
Let them join. It's 2012 already. This isn't the 50s. Society should be more open-minded.
The female queens who are against the transgender queens are merely insecure.
Women in general are insecure. That is why they do not rule the world.
The way women constantly fish for compliments and approval when it comes to how they look, their make-up, their new haircut, their new outfit, their figure, whatever, show how they are lacking in confidence.

Getting back at the initial question, there are other serious issues involving the GLBT community that should be given more attention like; legalizing gay marriage, sponsoring laws that protect the GLBT community in the workplace, and laws concerning homophobia and hate crimes.
Pageants should be our least social concern.

Question #2 is from 8tails_jinchiruki. I guess he's a fan of Naruto huh?
The question is; "You've openly talked about your sexual encounters, did you have any bad sexual experience you're willing to share? Kung pwede lang."

Answer; Pwedeng pwede. Ikaw, pwede ka ba? Text text tayo ha. Hahaha! The worst sexual experience I had was with a certain doctor many years ago. He practices his profession in a well-known hospital in the city. Not gonna mention any name nor the hospital for I do not kiss-and-tell.
We did it in his clinic. Kinky huh?
 He was a good kisser. He's a good sucker too. I mean, I almost prematurely cummed inside his mouth. Everything went wrong the moment I pulled down his undies. When it was my turn to blow him, I just couldn't do it. Why? His manly areas smell of sweat. Like umm... cheap vinegar. Gosh! Ang asim! Ayoko nga ilapit face ko kasi I get a whiff of the kaasiman. Huhuhu! LOL!
Doctor ka pa naman. Sa isip-isip ko. Buti pa mga nurses na nakamoment ko, mababango sila lahat ;-P
I just told the guy that my throat was sore & itchy and that I couldn't do it. Dinaan ko na lang sa paglalambing with a dash of bola bola. Hehe!
Fortunately, he was so horny that he just asked me to fuck him and requested that I talk to him very dirty, pull his hair and slap his ass real hard while drilling it. He wanted me to cum inside of him too, which I did. I didn't suck his cock so the least I could do was to fuck his tight ass well.
Yes, I used a condom. I do not like to use a condom but I have to, we all have to. We don't want to get sick right? He actually didn't want me to wear a condom bec. he wanted me to "creampie" him. Goodness! I was tempted, but I still decided to wear rubber.
That doctor's so kinky and weird. I never hooked-up with him again.
 Ugh! That smell. Wanted to spray Lysol on it. LOL!
It was a mercy fuck.
Well, I did enjoy how tight his ass was. 
Maybe I should give him a call and another chance :-)
Kaya lang tamad na ako magdrive papunta sa city. Buwisit na traffic. Salot na mga bus!

My post is getting super loooooong. I'll answer other questions the next time I blog.
Oh by the way, I do not have a Facebook account anymore.
I deactivated it more than a week ago. It's just not for me.
There was someone who stole my photos and pretended that he was my boyfriend.
There was also someone who pretended that he was me.
There was someone trolling me too.
So, I'm over and done with the social networking thing.
I can live without Facebook. I LOOVE how some people react whenever they find out
that I don't do Facebook bec. they react as if I've committed something socially unacceptable. Hilarious!!!
Have a wonderful day :-)

videokeman mp3
We Are Young - Fun ft. Janelle Monae

11 April 2012

Tongue Twisted

An old webcam vid that I was not able to upload in the past. It's actually a part
of my video blog enititled "Rants."
Decided to post this in my YouTube channel before I delete it from my
computer's hard drive.

Yes, I am bad at tongue twisters. Hehehe!
Yes, that's the way my voice sounds...forever boyishly boyish. LOL!
It's a blessing and a curse? ;-P
Some do not have any issues with it, while some people totally hate it.
I often get messages from people criticizing my voice.
Either way, I do not really care. At least I know who the shallow ones are.
Have a wonderful day :-)


26 March 2012

80's Pop

I enjoy doing music countdowns, most of you familiar with my blog already know that.
I also love classic tunes from the 80s as you may have also noticed by going through my previous blog postings.
I did a countdown of my favorite 80s ballads in the past. This time around, I'm presenting a medley of some of my favorite upbeat pop tunes to liven up our day :-)
Oh the 80s! A decade of bad hair, bad fashion.....and GREAT MUSIC!
Life was much simpler back then but it was surely a lot fun...for me anyway
Have a wonderful time watching, listening, and reminiscing...
Andy Bell was such cutey ;-p

11 March 2012


I haven't been blogging much lately and I'm currently thinking of
retiring from blogging.
However, there's still a part of me that's hesitant to quit because
this blog has been my internet baby since 2005.
Much like a time capsule, Toyo's Way has been a witness to bits and pieces of my life throughout those years.
From the narratives, to the photos, to the videos, the few people who had followed this blog  practically saw me age not only physically but emotionally as well.
It's a little hard to let go which is why I thought that maybe I should instead 

let someone else continue it. Somebody younger. I'm getting old and nobody is
interested in the rantings of a semi-jaded, late 30something guy.
I want to pass this on to a family member but I think I'm the only gay guy in
the clan. Either that or my gaydar is in serious need of fine tuning. LOL!
Well....there's my sister's nanny's son, but he's too young. He's only 7 years old if I'm not mistaken. Really! When my partner asked the kid what he wanted to be when he grows up, he replied "To be Miss Hawaii." Haha! Gusto daw niya maging Miss Hawaii sa Miss Universe pero ng sinabi ng partner ko na hindi country iyon, iniba ng bata ang sagot. Miss China na lang daw.  I almost fell off my chair! Hahaha!
Anyway, I'll have to think this one over. Even with my YouTube channel, I have not been
able to post an original short movie clip for so long though I really love making videos, but no one's interested to assist me....

24 February 2012

PHat? Fat? Old? Whatever :-)

What happens if you stopped working out for almost 3 months & added burgers, fries, and soda to your "merienda" / daily snacks?
The answer? This is what happens. LOL!
My face has become round. My gosh! It used to be square. Hahaha!
Dati kwadrado eh. Hehe!
Well...I am getting older. I mean I'll be 37 this year. It comes with age ;-)
Yeah right! Who am I fooling? I'm just too lazy to exercise.
I have my own humble personal gym at home and yet I was too lazy to workout.

Maybe I should aim to become a stocky huggable bear instead of becoming lean like I used to. It's much easier that way. All I need to do is focus on the chest and arms and not worry about the tummy. I can eat whatever I want. Yehey! ;-)
Really, there are a lot of men out there who chase & hunt stocky bears, I mean my partner has some chasers of his own. Hahaha! Shhhh!!! Don't tell him I said that ;-p
 Problem is, I'm not tall. I'm only 5'7" and bears are supposed to be tall. Huhuhu! Grrr!!! :-(
Now I know why the young ones flirting with me in PRomeo call me "daddy." LOL!
Anyway, I'll be back in shape in less than 2 months. Kabisado ko na naman katawan ko eh. The tummy is my problem area. I like my weight now actually, I just want to tone my midsection. 
Cardio + Weights + Pilates will do the trick.

This was me back in 2006 teasing the cam in my gym. Yeah, I'm a tease. Got a problem? I hope not. Hehe! I was 31 and was only weighing around 130-135 lbs. I am now close to 150lbs. My stomach was really flat back then. Time really does change everything.
I sometimes miss version 2006 Toyo but we all have to freakin' age. LOL!
Hay naku tumatanda na talaga ako. Kaasar! ;-p
Moving on to another subject. This recent message in PRomeo made my day. Hahaha!

This is what I get for posting numerous shirtless pics in that website.
Napapagkamalan tuloy callboy. 
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! At least may asim pa pala ang inyong abang lingkod. Haha!
I often get such messages like the one above especially when I was much younger.
I just delete them. Although sometimes I'm tempted to ask how much they're gonna offer just so I could find out what my ummm...market value is. Market value??!!! Hahaha!
Is my market value appreciating as I grow older like fine wine or has it depreciated over time?
Hmmm..... LOL!
Dati may nagmessage pa sa akin. 10K daw a month and ibabahay ako. 10K? Kulang yon pang monthly grocery ko no. Tapos nakita ko pa yung background ng room niya sa pic. Mukhang yari lang sa plywood ang dingding, kita yung pako, wala pang pintura, posters ang ginawang wallpaper. Dios Mio!!! Haha! Hay naku!
Oh well, the hassles of being online. A person post shirtless pics of himself and then some people immediately assume that he's some gay-for-pay?
I used get all worked up about what people think about me, but the good thing about getting older...I realized it's really what you think and feel about yourself that's most important :-)
Now if it was Ricky Martin who sent that message....well....
Ricky Martin, I love and lust you!
I promise it'll be worth it from sunrise to sundown.
All for free. All through the night!  Hehehe! ;-)

29 January 2012

Love Songs: Duets

Hey hey hey! It's been a while huh?
Well, I'm back. Hehe!
A FaceBook bud and follower of my blog sent me a request a few weeks ago if I could do another list or countdown. Doc G., I hope you like this :-)
A very belated Happy New Year greetings and advanced Happy Valentine's!!!

Some of the songs do not have official music videos so I substituted them with dubbed live performances.
Hay naku! Naalala ko tuloy ang ex ko, binigyan ko yata siya ng cd ng mga songs na ito nung kami pa. Napaka hopeless romantic ko kasi noon ok? LOL!
Have a nice day!