24 February 2012

PHat? Fat? Old? Whatever :-)

What happens if you stopped working out for almost 3 months & added burgers, fries, and soda to your "merienda" / daily snacks?
The answer? This is what happens. LOL!
My face has become round. My gosh! It used to be square. Hahaha!
Dati kwadrado eh. Hehe!
Well...I am getting older. I mean I'll be 37 this year. It comes with age ;-)
Yeah right! Who am I fooling? I'm just too lazy to exercise.
I have my own humble personal gym at home and yet I was too lazy to workout.

Maybe I should aim to become a stocky huggable bear instead of becoming lean like I used to. It's much easier that way. All I need to do is focus on the chest and arms and not worry about the tummy. I can eat whatever I want. Yehey! ;-)
Really, there are a lot of men out there who chase & hunt stocky bears, I mean my partner has some chasers of his own. Hahaha! Shhhh!!! Don't tell him I said that ;-p
 Problem is, I'm not tall. I'm only 5'7" and bears are supposed to be tall. Huhuhu! Grrr!!! :-(
Now I know why the young ones flirting with me in PRomeo call me "daddy." LOL!
Anyway, I'll be back in shape in less than 2 months. Kabisado ko na naman katawan ko eh. The tummy is my problem area. I like my weight now actually, I just want to tone my midsection. 
Cardio + Weights + Pilates will do the trick.

This was me back in 2006 teasing the cam in my gym. Yeah, I'm a tease. Got a problem? I hope not. Hehe! I was 31 and was only weighing around 130-135 lbs. I am now close to 150lbs. My stomach was really flat back then. Time really does change everything.
I sometimes miss version 2006 Toyo but we all have to freakin' age. LOL!
Hay naku tumatanda na talaga ako. Kaasar! ;-p
Moving on to another subject. This recent message in PRomeo made my day. Hahaha!

This is what I get for posting numerous shirtless pics in that website.
Napapagkamalan tuloy callboy. 
Goodness gracious, great balls of fire! At least may asim pa pala ang inyong abang lingkod. Haha!
I often get such messages like the one above especially when I was much younger.
I just delete them. Although sometimes I'm tempted to ask how much they're gonna offer just so I could find out what my ummm...market value is. Market value??!!! Hahaha!
Is my market value appreciating as I grow older like fine wine or has it depreciated over time?
Hmmm..... LOL!
Dati may nagmessage pa sa akin. 10K daw a month and ibabahay ako. 10K? Kulang yon pang monthly grocery ko no. Tapos nakita ko pa yung background ng room niya sa pic. Mukhang yari lang sa plywood ang dingding, kita yung pako, wala pang pintura, posters ang ginawang wallpaper. Dios Mio!!! Haha! Hay naku!
Oh well, the hassles of being online. A person post shirtless pics of himself and then some people immediately assume that he's some gay-for-pay?
I used get all worked up about what people think about me, but the good thing about getting older...I realized it's really what you think and feel about yourself that's most important :-)
Now if it was Ricky Martin who sent that message....well....
Ricky Martin, I love and lust you!
I promise it'll be worth it from sunrise to sundown.
All for free. All through the night!  Hehehe! ;-)