29 May 2012


I received an email weeks ago from a blog reader asking if I could also do a countdown featuring
English OPM (Original Pilipino Music) ballads as a follow-up to
a previous video I had posted featuring Tagalog ballads from the 70s 80s 90s and onwards.
Well, his request is granted. Have a wonderful time listening :-)

The background footage I used is from the video game, "Flower" for the Playstation 3.
It's a unique game that I recommend to PS3 owners.

02 May 2012


Cheers on our 6th year anniversary. 
Although sometimes it feels more
like 10 years because of a certain someone's nagging nature ;-P 
Yung mouth niya minsan ha. Parang gatling gun. Ang ingay! Ratatatatat! Kaasar! Sarap hampasin ng batuta ko. Wait! Parang ang bastos naman yata ng pagkakasabi ko. Paumanhin po sa mga konserbatibong mambabasa ng aking blog. Hehehe!
My golly gosh gosh! We're getting older.
Now I know why the young ones lovingly (major emphasis on the word lovingly ok? haha!) refer to us as "dads", it's...because...we really do look like daddies.
All we need now is a handsome, hot, caring, and obedient "son." 
A slave son. LOL!
Come on young man. Sit on daddy's lap. I command you! Haha!

Well, I am turning 37 this year and Ryan will be 39 this week.
We've already accepted the fact that we're not as young as we used to be.
Not the "flavors-of-the-month" anymore. 
My blog and my YouTube channel have been witnesses to how he and I have aged throughout the years.
I hope we continue to grow old umm....gracefully? Crossing my fingers.
Again, Happy Anniversary to both of us and Happy Birthday to Ryan.
Yeah! I'm tipsy in the pic ;-)
Have a nice day!