02 May 2012


Cheers on our 6th year anniversary. 
Although sometimes it feels more
like 10 years because of a certain someone's nagging nature ;-P 
Yung mouth niya minsan ha. Parang gatling gun. Ang ingay! Ratatatatat! Kaasar! Sarap hampasin ng batuta ko. Wait! Parang ang bastos naman yata ng pagkakasabi ko. Paumanhin po sa mga konserbatibong mambabasa ng aking blog. Hehehe!
My golly gosh gosh! We're getting older.
Now I know why the young ones lovingly (major emphasis on the word lovingly ok? haha!) refer to us as "dads", it's...because...we really do look like daddies.
All we need now is a handsome, hot, caring, and obedient "son." 
A slave son. LOL!
Come on young man. Sit on daddy's lap. I command you! Haha!

Well, I am turning 37 this year and Ryan will be 39 this week.
We've already accepted the fact that we're not as young as we used to be.
Not the "flavors-of-the-month" anymore. 
My blog and my YouTube channel have been witnesses to how he and I have aged throughout the years.
I hope we continue to grow old umm....gracefully? Crossing my fingers.
Again, Happy Anniversary to both of us and Happy Birthday to Ryan.
Yeah! I'm tipsy in the pic ;-)
Have a nice day! 


robert said...

My best wishes on your 6th year anniversary.marami na kayong pinagdaanan,marami ng isinakripisyo,marami ng nalagpasan...i hope napagtibay na rin ng panahon ang relationship ninyo.keep it growing,keep trusting,keep loving.time will come na para na lang kayong magkapatid(totoo),sana strong pa rin kayo by that time.hehehe.I and my partner celebrated our 25th year together(totoo yan)last december.kaya natutuwa ako kapag may gay couple who are counting their years. Really,i'm happy for both of you. Be strong,always.Again,my good wishes to both of you.Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! Hmmmm...you are entering that dangerous stage in a relationship - the deadly seven-year itch, but I'm sure you'll grow together till old age.

Toyo said...


Thanks for the comment and well-wishes. I appreciate it.
Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Wishing you and your partner all the best :-)

7-year-itch? Don't worry we have our boytoy to relieve our itching. Hehehe! Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

congrats papa toyo!
wafu mo pa rin. puti puti pa.

Toyo said...

thank you :-)

terry said...

cheers rey - i'll drink to your good health and happiness.

all the best to you both !

Toyo said...

Thank You Terry :-)

Anonymous said...

Can you be my daddies? jajaja! ^_^

greg said...

Sana gay marriage is a reality here sa pinas, siguradong that's where you two gonna end-up... for sure ang daming well-wishers at isa na ako duon, magpashower pa ako ng confetti-bigas-coins at the church exit!
Anung gift sa iyo ni papa ryan mo? And anung gift mo sa kanya? Hihihi... kuwento mo naman please. :) - Doc G.

Toyo said...

Thanks for all the comment :-)
Email me your resume with attached naked pics. LOL!

@Doc G
We just had a simple dinner at home. Ryan's delicious cooking of course :-)
Matagal pa mangyayari ang gay marriage dito sa Pilipinas. Alam mo naman dito sa bansa natin, paurong ang takbo ng lipunan.
Thank you for the well-wishes. I appreciate it. Ingat lagi.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you and Ryan all the love and happiness in the world ^_^


Toyo said...

Your greeting is deeply appreciated.
Wishing you all the love & happiness as well.
Take care.
Miss ya, my Amboy :-)