15 June 2012

Home Improvement

Ryan has been nagging me since forever that he wanted to have
another pantry built in our informal dining room.
Well...after a month's time, his hard work has paid off.
He was the one who designed it and did the labor along with the
carpenter he hired. 
It took more or less than a month to finish because
he and his carpenter only worked on it during weekends.

I like the sliding shelves.
We wanted some frosted glass effect on the main panels but it's quite expensive
so we had to "shelve" that idea. Pun intended ;-)
The top glass panels are frosted though.  

Since I do not do/I hate hard manual labor, I just helped fund his project. LOL!
We screwed a doorstop on the floor so that the French door
will not hit the pantry when someone opens it.

And now I'm gonna help myself to some chips because it's a well-known fact 
that eating ummm....calms one's soul. Hahaha!
Look at me, talking about home improvements. 
The former nightlife-loving, wild twink of years ago, is now a "domesticated" dad? LOL!
All I need now is handsome "son", and if anyone is interested to apply then kindly
email me your résumé complete with police/nbi clearance, with attached clear face pics AND full body nude photos. 
The "son" must keep in mind that he MUST only wear a fundoshi when inside the house so that Ryan and I will remain happy daddies.
Hahaha! Kidding!
Have a nice weekend. Babush! :-)

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