15 June 2012

Home Improvement

Ryan has been nagging me since forever that he wanted to have
another pantry built in our informal dining room.
Well...after a month's time, his hard work has paid off.
He was the one who designed it and did the labor along with the
carpenter he hired. 
It took more or less than a month to finish because
he and his carpenter only worked on it during weekends.

I like the sliding shelves.
We wanted some frosted glass effect on the main panels but it's quite expensive
so we had to "shelve" that idea. Pun intended ;-)
The top glass panels are frosted though.  

Since I do not do/I hate hard manual labor, I just helped fund his project. LOL!
We screwed a doorstop on the floor so that the French door
will not hit the pantry when someone opens it.

And now I'm gonna help myself to some chips because it's a well-known fact 
that eating ummm....calms one's soul. Hahaha!
Look at me, talking about home improvements. 
The former nightlife-loving, wild twink of years ago, is now a "domesticated" dad? LOL!
All I need now is handsome "son", and if anyone is interested to apply then kindly
email me your résumé complete with police/nbi clearance, with attached clear face pics AND full body nude photos. 
The "son" must keep in mind that he MUST only wear a fundoshi when inside the house so that Ryan and I will remain happy daddies.
Hahaha! Kidding!
Have a nice weekend. Babush! :-)

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terry said...

you're sooo posh rey - i'd never lose weight living in your home.

Anonymous said...


Toyo said...


Thanks for the compliment :-)
Yup! You're tummy will be a happy one in my home. Hehehe.

Thank you. Yeah, we just like having lots of food to munch on :-)
That's actually the informal dining room where the new pantry is at.
Our formal dining room is on the other side of the French door I'm standing next to.

Ms. Chuniverse said...

you can actually buy glass sticker to achieve that 'frosted glass' effect.

check out those home depots.


Toyo said...

Thanks for the suggestion.
Ryan wanted to try using those frosted glass stickers before we installed the glass sliding doors but I told him not to.
I prefer real deal, maybe in the future we'll have it frosted :-)

someone said...

it's all in the right proportion and nice to look at - the pantry looks good too !

Toyo said...

Hehehe! Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

beefy daddy!

Toyo said...

LOL :-)

Mirage said...

love the idea of having that pantry fully stocked for lazy days...

stay clear of that chips, toyo... not good for the health hehehe!

Toyo said...

No worries. I eat in moderation and I exercise :-)

I actually intend to gain more pounds.
I'm between 145-150 lbs.
I'll be contented with 155lbs.