18 July 2012

Girl Power

Slow news week and apparently I haven't been preoccupied lately.
I finished making this new video countdown in less than an hour actually.
Obviously it's about ballads perfomed by female vocalists from the 80s, 90s and onward.
I first published this in YouTube a day ago but the vid cannot be played outside of that website so I had to upload it in Vimeo.
The songs brought back some nice memories.

I really miss making my original short gay oriented movie clips.
If only I had or am friends with someone who share the same
hobby as I do who could help or participate in making a vid.

16 July 2012


Phone video. Stuck in Manila traffic. 
Usad pagong from Balintawak to Trinoma area.
Ryan was the one driving because I hate driving in the city, and I'm much more
hot tempered than him when I'm behind the wheel regardless of my
eternally boyishly boyish innocent sounding lil ol' voice. Hehehe! :-)

I'm really not fond of the city. 
Traffic is horrible and public transport vehicles especially the jeepneys and buses are very unruly. 
Mga bus na yan kasi, mga adik nagmamaneho.
Dapat kasi government ang nag ooperate ng mga bus sa city tulad ng sa ibang bansa, at hindi mga private bus companies na pera lang ang nasa isip. Naaalala niyo pa ba ang government-owned Love Bus?

FYI! No bladder "incident" took place. We eventually reached our
destination safe and sound. LOL!

08 July 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Though I'm not overly keen to admit it, I do like watching those reality TV singing competitions.
Call it a guilty pleasure.
I enjoy it most especially if the contestants started singing my favorite tunes.
Now I present you a video countdown of a medley of performances from
various reality TV singing contests.

Yes, I am fond of the "guy with a guitar" contenders. 
Come on, admit it! They're very nice to look at and pleasant to listen to.
I mean if any of them like Matt for instance serenaded me, guitar in hand, I'll not only throw a kiss at the dude but my undies as well. LOL! 
Oh heck! I'll even throw my naked bod at him. Touchdown! Haha!
Enjoy the music.