18 July 2012

Girl Power

Slow news week and apparently I haven't been preoccupied lately.
I finished making this new video countdown in less than an hour actually.
Obviously it's about ballads perfomed by female vocalists from the 80s, 90s and onward.
I first published this in YouTube a day ago but the vid cannot be played outside of that website so I had to upload it in Vimeo.
The songs brought back some nice memories.

I really miss making my original short gay oriented movie clips.
If only I had or am friends with someone who share the same
hobby as I do who could help or participate in making a vid.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know you're into girls. Joke lang po. These are reallly good selections.

Toyo said...

Please! Wag mo naman ako ipo "po."
Para tuloy ang tanda tanda ko na. Hehehe!
Thanks for viewing :-)

Anonymous said...

Bakit wala si Charice? Pinoy ka pa naman.
She's one of the best news singers around.

Toyo said...

She is a superb singer but I'm not a fan of her nor her songs.
It would have been racially biased of me to include her in my list just because she's Filipina.

Thanks for viewing my video :-)