08 July 2012

Guilty Pleasure

Though I'm not overly keen to admit it, I do like watching those reality TV singing competitions.
Call it a guilty pleasure.
I enjoy it most especially if the contestants started singing my favorite tunes.
Now I present you a video countdown of a medley of performances from
various reality TV singing contests.

Yes, I am fond of the "guy with a guitar" contenders. 
Come on, admit it! They're very nice to look at and pleasant to listen to.
I mean if any of them like Matt for instance serenaded me, guitar in hand, I'll not only throw a kiss at the dude but my undies as well. LOL! 
Oh heck! I'll even throw my naked bod at him. Touchdown! Haha!
Enjoy the music.


Dennis said...

Jessica should be number 1.
World idol. Pinoy pride!

Toyo said...

Thanks for sharing your opinion but
she is not Pinoy, she is American.
Have a nice day :-)

Anonymous said...

You have one of the nicest blogs around. Keep it up.
Edwin (an American in the Philippines)