16 July 2012


Phone video. Stuck in Manila traffic. 
Usad pagong from Balintawak to Trinoma area.
Ryan was the one driving because I hate driving in the city, and I'm much more
hot tempered than him when I'm behind the wheel regardless of my
eternally boyishly boyish innocent sounding lil ol' voice. Hehehe! :-)

I'm really not fond of the city. 
Traffic is horrible and public transport vehicles especially the jeepneys and buses are very unruly. 
Mga bus na yan kasi, mga adik nagmamaneho.
Dapat kasi government ang nag ooperate ng mga bus sa city tulad ng sa ibang bansa, at hindi mga private bus companies na pera lang ang nasa isip. Naaalala niyo pa ba ang government-owned Love Bus?

FYI! No bladder "incident" took place. We eventually reached our
destination safe and sound. LOL!


Anonymous said...

Haha! Funny conversation at the end :)

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comment!

a friend said...

you need a bigger bottle mate!

Toyo said...

Hahaha! I drank too much iced tea before we left home.