21 August 2012


Land and sea. Sun and sand. A humble fishing village. A remote island. 
Back to basics. Fun times! :-)

Camera was a little shaky in some parts, I forgot to bring my tripod and I wasn't feeling
well during the trip.

You can select the HD button for a sharper image.

08 August 2012

Flooded 2012

Like what took place a few years ago, most of the country is heavily flooded.
The Philippines is being inundated by torrential rains for almost 2 weeks now.
It's sad that floods have become a "normal" thing here in the country during the
monsoon season.

I and my family are still fortunate, that we weren't severely affected by the floods unlike
most of my countrymen whose entire homes were submerged in water.
The weather bureau stated that the country will still be experiencing rain until the weekend.
I hope Mother Nature would ease up a bit and stop bitching :-)

If you wish to help the victims of the flood, you can do so by visiting
the website of the Philippine Red Cross at


The images below are courtesy of photojournalists from Reuters Philippines