21 August 2012


Land and sea. Sun and sand. A humble fishing village. A remote island. 
Back to basics. Fun times! :-)

Camera was a little shaky in some parts, I forgot to bring my tripod and I wasn't feeling
well during the trip.

You can select the HD button for a sharper image.


Hustin said...

nice. san kayo tumungo?

Xtian said...

I always like watching your short movie clips and I also love the countryside.
Nice song choice.

Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments :-)
It's a very remote island in Zambales.

Anonymous said...

Parang bitin naman. May part 2 ba?

Kyle said...

Papa Toyo! I can almost touch you in the video.
Tagal na kita crush ^_^

Toyo said...

Na low-bat na cam ko eh. Wala kuryente sa isla.

LOL! Thanks :-)

terry said...

looks like a nice family trip to a beautiful location - hope you all had a good time.

Toyo said...

Yes we did have a swell time Terry.
The island was secluded and there weren't a lot of people.
Take care :-)

Wawan said...

Zambales? Should I change my schedule from Palawan to Zambales

Toyo said...

Zambales is a beautiful province but Palawan is more exotic.

Wawan said...

I have 3 weeks trip to phillipines on january, and my first schedule is Palawan, and didnt know for the rest. And 7 days trip to boracay on may. Let me know please another great great place you know :D any idea appreciate much, salamat Toyo :)

Toyo said...

I would recommend going to Bohol.
It has lovely white sand beaches, the Chocolate Hills, Loboc River and you can also go dolphin watching while island hopping. I even have a video in YouTube of my visit there.
Very beautiful province.

Wawan said...

Ok cool. Tyvm, i will watching your video on youtube too,
Anyway Maligayang Kaarawan Toyo. Hope you have a great life, good health and generous :D

Toyo said...

Thank you :-)
Have a nice vacation!!!