24 November 2012

Nighty! Night!

♫  Every second of the night...I live another life... 
Yeah, I'm fond of that song.
Another uneventful week has ended. Another night spent in a sleepy provincial town.
Yawn :-)

I took a pic using my phone. I was bored at the moment.
I wish iPhone would improve the quality of its front-facing cam. 
It's hard using the main camera on the back of the iPhone when taking photos of yourself.
Nighty! Night!
Oops! Didn't trim. LOL! ;-)

Thanks goes to a few people who commented and emailed me personally
regarding my last posting. I appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Many times I yearn for the peace and quiet of the province. I work in the city, I like the work but the noise, traffic, crowd and the cramp apartment are depressing. You are lucky where you are.

Toyo said...

Don't get me wrong, I love living in the province.
The only downsides are, it can get a little boring sometimes, and privacy is not easy to maintain since people living in the province tend to know everybody else.

robert said...

hi rey,nice to have you back.medyo malusog ka ha...bagay naman.cute ka pa rin.hehehe.anywhere coud be boring if you have a monotonous life.break free but be cautious.i hope you are moving on little by little.take care and be strong.life will get better.mwahh...

Toyo said...

Tumaba ba ako? I'll take that as a compliment. I want to gain more weight actually. I'm at 145lbs. My target weight is around 150-155lbs.
Thanks for the comment Robert :-)

robert said...

well,the way i look at your pic,you must have gained weight.and yes,that is a compliment.you look handsomer.kwento ka naman.what's new?we're all anxious on how you've been lately.and yes,post new pics...and be bolder.hehehe.ingat lagi,and i wish you well.

terry said...

looks like a good pic to me. although someone's in for a prickly kiss!

sleep tight.

Jason said...

Kung makatingin ka naman pogi, parang mahuhulog tuloy ang salawal ko ^_^

Toyo said...

Medyo nahihiya na ako magpost ng "bolder" photos. I feel old na kasi :-)
Been trying to grow a goatee and mustache for a change :-)
LOL! Hehehe!