15 December 2012


Waiting for Prince Charming to wake me up with a kiss. Hehehe!
Been super stressed lately (too personal an issue to go into details of the cause) and it's starting to take a toll on the way I look.
Went to a skin medical center and got myself a facial treatment because
my face is breaking out.
I also had a procedure done on my chest and back to maintain a smooth skin ;-)
Kaartehan ba? Wala naman yumayakap or humihimas sa akin, pero nagpapakinis pa ng balat. 

Afterwards, the dermatologist examined my scalp because my hair is thinning, particularly
on the back of my head.
I'm not insecure of the receding hairline on my forehead, I actually think it adds umm..."character." However, the thinning patch on the back of my head annoys me. I want to have it treated before it gets worse.
Inaalagaan naman kita. Di naman pipitsugin ang shampoong ginagamit ko sa yo, bakit ayaw  mong magcooperate? Arte mong buhok ka ha, masyadong matampuhin. LOL!
My dermatologist injected something on my scalp. I forgot the name of the drug, I do not have my medical record with me at the moment of typing this down.
I used to be a skinhead so if the condition got worse, I can always shave my head.
But I'm not going to give up without a fight. I like having hair. I want to have some bangs and curls. LOL! 
Have a nice weekend :-)

08 December 2012


I was thinking of going out for a friendly meeting. Nothing serious, no hanky panky.
Maybe seeing a fresh new face would take some of the boredom I've been feeling lately.
I took this photo to make sure I looked presentable :-)
Talaga naman no. Papicture picture ceremony pa ang inyong lingkod. LOL!
Unfortunately I had to cancel the meeting because I was informed that there's heavy traffic going on due to some road & bridge maintenance near my town.
I hate traffic and I drive a manual stick shift. Driving in traffic being stuck in 1st and 2nd gear for 30 minutes to an hour can strain one's leg and feet which at my age is becoming a sad reality. 

I've already accepted the fact that I am not as young nor fresh as I used to be.
I'm already 37 and is close to starting my middle-aged years.
I am to be honest, afraid of getting old although I'm aware it's something inevitable.
The strange this is, majority of the ones flirting with me seem to be in the younger age group.
Most of them are in their 20s but some are even as young as 19 years old. Old enough to be my son or nephew. LOL! Of course I do not "entertain" the very young ones. Baka hindi pa legal mga yun no, mapamahak pa ako or tawaging "cradle snatcher." LOL! 
Guys my age, do not seem to be interested in me.
It's amusing whenever these young ones refer to me as a "daddy."
I used to joke about the daddy term but oh well! Might as well officially accept the title.
So yeah, you can call me "dad" but only if you promised to sit on my lap wearing only your birthday suit my beloved "son." LOL! :-)

My oh my! How I've aged.
This pic was taken 4 or so years ago.
I do miss my bangs and cheekbones. LOL! :-)

01 December 2012


I've made this video last October and I wasn't able to publish it here in my blog that time.
Anyone who has read my blog probably already knows that I'm fond of music and doing music countdowns.
In the past, I had presented a countdown of ballads performed by female singers, this time
it's the men's turn. 

Most of the songs are power ballads from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, decades that are close to my heart since they remind me of my childhood and teen years.
Have a wonderful time listening and have a great weekend :-)