01 December 2012


I've made this video last October and I wasn't able to publish it here in my blog that time.
Anyone who has read my blog probably already knows that I'm fond of music and doing music countdowns.
In the past, I had presented a countdown of ballads performed by female singers, this time
it's the men's turn. 

Most of the songs are power ballads from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, decades that are close to my heart since they remind me of my childhood and teen years.
Have a wonderful time listening and have a great weekend :-)


robert said...

very nice.this reminds me of my mid-age years.lol.well,i'm 50 and am proud of it.and these songs are part of those years.thank you rey.take care and advance Merry Christmas!o ayan ha,una ako.hehehe.mwahhhh...

Anonymous said...

Great selection and great music. The sounds of my childhood.

Toyo said...

Pareho na tayo nagkaka-edad.
I'm 37 and nagsisimula ng lumalabas mga puting buhok ko pati sa balbas at bigote. Hehehe! Happy Holidays!

Thanks for the compliment :-)

robert said...

well,that's the reality of life.but remember,it's just a number.i don't look my age.we always have a choice to age gracefully.and that's what i am into.number 1,imbibe peacefulness in your life.don't get affected with the adversities of life.learn to let go and believe that there's reason for everything.have a simple life and a simple need.and don't be afraid to fail because that's how we learn to stand up and to move on.
and you know what?i'm lucky to have a mother,who not only understand my orientation,but makes me feel young all the time.because at my age,she still treats me like a child.and is very supportive of me and my partner.
so there...just a piece of advice(s). i wish you well rey, take care always.

Toyo said...

Thanks Robert,
Thanks for following my blog and sharing your inputs, I appreciate them a lot.
Take good care of yourself as well ok? :-)