08 January 2013

Happy New Year!!!

A look back at 2012 through its popular music.
Now I feel like clubbing, although the last time I went barhopping I felt 
quite ancient surrounded by teens, twentysomethings, and the early 30s crowd. LOL!
Happy New Year everyone :-)


robert said...

Have a fruitful and peaceful 2013 Rey. God Bless you and all the bloggers.

Toyo said...

Thanks Robert.
Happy New Year :-)

Anonymous said...

New year, new beginning.I hope it is your year....to go crazy.......in love.


Anonymous said...

These clips of young performers make me feel so ancient. Have a great year, Rey.

Phillip Phillips is so cute and I wish I shine like a diamond but I feel more like a charcoal. Okay, enough of self-pity.


Toyo said...

Thanks for the comments Ran and RY.
Have a wonderful New Year as well :-)