29 August 2013

Home Improvement

It was the middle of the night and I was suddenly awakened by the sound of falling glass coming from my master bathroom. I was surprised by the appearance of cracks on the glass sliding panels of my shower area. By the time the sun came up, nothing was left of the entire glass sliding door and panels but shattered glasses. 
I searched the net on the probable causes and what I found out was that is was probably the house setting in or old age.

The photo above was taken a few months before I moved in my house in 2004 almost 10 years ago. Time flew by so fast.

Glass blocks were used as partition for our shower area. They are easier to install.

-total cost-

Glass blocks : P4,760 (56pcs. P85.00/pc.) 
Adhesive Cement : P250.00
Grout : P50.00
Water Proofing : P200.00
Labor : Free :-)
Total Cost : P5,260.00 (US$119.54)


Anonymous said...

Nice work, libre pa. Bakit ang taas naman nang tp roll kuya? Paano mo maabot yan?

Toyo said...

Mukha lang mataas probably due to the angle in which the photo was taken.

terry said...

I'm glad the glass didn't shatter on you while taking a shower - looks a neat job!

Toyo said...

Thanks Terry.
It happened in the middle of the night. We decided to go back to sleep and worry about it once we woke up :-)

robert said...

very handy naman pala si ryan.pangmatagalan ang ginawa niya.very nice.take care rey and ryan.

Toyo said...

Thanks Robert ;-)

terry said...

happy birthday rey