30 September 2013


Spent my 38th birthday last week. My goodness!
Had dinner in a nice Chinese restaurant.
It was a quiet celebration with my family with lots of food. I loved it. I enjoyed every munching moment with my shellfish, prawns and crabs. LOL! :-)



Now that I'm really in my late 30s, I wish to reminisce on my youthful years though a countdown of my favorite movie theme songs from the 1980s.
I love the 80s because I spent my childhood and early teens in that decade, and it was a fun and happy-go-lucky decade.
The only thing I'm not fond of the 80s were the bad hairdos and the often horrendous fashion. Mullet hair & acid washed jeans anyone? LOL!

Have a wonderful time watching, listening, and reminiscing with me :-)


Thanks to my blog reader Terry,  for greeting me last week :-)