17 October 2013


A very powerful quake recently hit the provinces of Bohol and Cebu causing widespread damage and greatly affecting the lives of the families living there.
Bohol and Cebu are some of the most beautiful provinces here in the Philippines.
I say so because I have been to those provinces and experienced the sights, sounds, and the hospitality of their people. I was in Cebu in 2003 and I was in Bohol in 2006.

The photo above presents but some of the images posted by people over the internet.
If you are interested to help the victims of the earthquake, one of the ways to do so is by
visiting the website of the Philippine Red Cross.
You can make a donation through their website.

Baclayon Church back in 2006
It's sad that this once majestic piece of religious architecture has fallen victim to the forces of nature.

The bell tower back in the day when it was still standing tall.

One of the wonders of the natural world, the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.
These are very tall limestone hills that look like Hershey's chocolate kisses whenever the grass covering them turns brown during the summer season.
There are reports that some of the hills were also damaged by the quake.

I wish the provinces of Bohol and Cebu a speedy recovery so that tourists can
finally visit them again and experience their natural beauty and the warmth of their people.

Below is a short video clip of my vacation in Bohol.
It's one of my oldest videos in YouTube so please excuse the quality.

03 October 2013

Throwback Thursday

Just jumping on the "throwback Thursday"  bandwagon.
This photo was taken 10 years ago.
My bangs were still thick back then. LOL!
I miss my bangs. Why did you have to ummm..."run away" from me? Haha!
Parang nagtampo na siya at unti-unti na akong iniiwan ;-)