10 November 2013

Helping Hand

By now,  the whole world is aware of the devastating typhoon that recently hit the central region of the Philippines including the provinces which were also hit by a very strong quake last month.
Super typhoon Haiyan, known as Yolanda here in my country, is one of the most powerful typhoons in recorded history causing widespread damage and loss of human lives.

I am appealing to anyone reading my blog right now for your kindness, generosity and helping hand towards my countrymen.
The Philippines isn't a rich nor highly-industrialized country and it needs all the aid it can get.

I'm encouraging people to give aid to legitimate organizations that they know of that are actively providing relief operations towards the victims of the typhoon.
"Salamat" Thank you for your kindness.

You can also send donations to the Philippine National Red Cross.


Anonymous said...

The damage and death brought on by Yolanda seem so unreal. I've already given and I know that the needs of the survivors right now are staggering.


Toyo said...

It's truly saddening whenever I see images and videos of the victims being presented on the news.
I hope that the survivors of this calamity will still be able to to find the strength to move on with their lives.
I hope the aid that all of us had sent would be able to reach the victims in time.

terry said...

Images of the devastating typhoon have motivated people here to give generously. I guess like most people across the world our thoughts are with the people of the Philippines.

Toyo said...

It's heartbreaking knowing how much suffering the victims of this disastrous typhoon are going through.
Filipinos are deeply thankful for the aid that is being given to the Philippines from different parts of the world.