24 November 2013

Sentimental Sunday...Tease

Back in the days when I was still a 130 lbs. skinhead.
I miss my size 29 waistline.
Though I'm not that much of a tease anymore, age has "mellowed" me down I guess.
This is my favorite of all of my videos in YouTube, since I am an insomniac.
I made a mistake of recording parts of the vid a week apart.
Notice how my hair in some scenes is thicker?
I was too lazy to re-shoot it.
My bathroom still has its sliding glass doors in the ummm...shower scene ;-)

Now fast-forward to 5 years later, if I remade this video, there'll probably be no side-view shots. My stomach isn't flat anymore as you can see from my photo.
A tummy comes with aging.... Yeah! That's what I keep telling/lying to myself. LOL!
I wish I could turn back time.

I used to workout regularly because I wanted to look good whenever I go out. Whenever I'm out clubbing, I can take off my shirt partying on the dance floor together with the other guys.
But I'm already retired from the "gay scene." 
I have to get motivated again to workout religiously, especially for health reasons.
I'm not getting any younger.


Anonymous said...

The weather may be cooling down but your video is steaming hot!
That package. Gosh! Bukol prince si Papa Toyo *_^
You're getting yummier as you get older. Parang wine lang. Mwah!

Toyo said...

Thank you...sa pambobola :-)

Anonymous said...

One word to describe the video - bulge! Hehehe.

robert said...

rey,you're still so desirable!so yummy ka pa rin,promise.

Mamon said...

nakita na naman kita sa feed ko paps toyo. oks lang yan. saktong pang romansa pa rin yang katawan mo. ;)

Toyo said...

I'm glad it wasn't the bulging stomach in the photo that you noticed! Haha!

@Robert & Mamon
Maraming salamat. Mga bolero :-)

terry said...

You're still a good looking guy that's hung like a donkey. You must have been at the front of the queue when they were handing out dicks.

Toyo said...

LOL! Naughty comment!