07 February 2014

Friday Flashback

LOL! Found this image when I was organizing and deleting files in my laptop.
I think this photo was taken during the 1990s with a camera that still used AA batteries to power it and a roll of film to save images in....and afterwards you have to go to a photo processing store and pay someone to "develop" hard copies of the images stored in your film. So much trouble back then just to get your photos huh?

I was probably 20ish in the pic.
I'll be 39 this year.
Yeah! Yeah! I looked blah! in the photo. LOL!
But what am I gonna do? It is what it is.
Ganoon talaga po itsura ko noon eh. Wala na tayong magagawa ;-)
The 1990s. Time flew by so fast.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...why so sad while so young? I miss the 90's, my teen years.

Toyo said...

I wasn't sad, I was trying to emote in the photo. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Cute!
Batang batang pa.

Toyo said...

Salamat sa pambobola :-)

matty roa said...

hi sir

im a fan... been reading your blog for quite sometime...

favor po.
now, feelingerong blogger na ako.
if you have time to view it, please do so...
feedback will be highly appreciated...

yan ay kung ok lang. :)


Toyo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog.
I had just finished visiting your blog. Good layout. Very clean. Continue on blogging. It's a great way to preserve memories.
Have a wonderful day :-)

a blog reader said...

it was worth the trouble!