19 March 2014


It's been 10 years since I moved into my house.
I decided that it's time to have my home renovated and address the areas that need to be fixed.
My major concern is my roof deck. The flooring on my roof deck used to be plain concrete that was smoothened and made to look like tiles.
Problem is, my former contractor did a botched up job and in a span of a few years, the concrete "tiles" developed cracks. I've made the decision of using real ceramic floor tiles this time.
I also had a new skylight installed because the old one already had cracks and leaks because again, the former contractor did a poor job of installing it.

The house will be repainted as well. That isn't the final color in the photos. It's merely the first layer of coating. The gutter also needs to be polished.
So many things to do.
Iisa lang ang bahay ko. Dapat lang na ayusin, iimprove at gamutin kung ano mang sakit meron ito.
I'm hoping that it will all be finished before the end of the month. Fingers crossed.
No grand vacation getaway for me this summer, I can't afford it at the moment.