13 April 2014


Deeply missing a family member, a companion and a dearest friend.
The plan was for us to stay together for as long a time as possible.
I'm heartbroken that you left me too soon.
6 years were too short a time.
Why did you have to get sick?

Whenever I'm down, you were the one who brought smiles on my face.
I miss coming home, and you running towards me to greet me.
I miss the company that you gave me whenever I had my midnight snack.
I miss walking you around the compound.
I miss taking you out at night in the front yard so you could do your "dirty deed" before you went to bed.
I miss that cute raspy voice whenever you bark.
I miss your big expressive eyes and wrinkly face.
I miss everything about you my dear friend.
If the heavens would accept tears as payment for them to return you back to me alive and well, I know that the tears I had shed and are continuing to shed are more than enough.
I'm sorry that life is unfair. 
Bakit hindi na lang ang mga masasamang tao ang bigyan ng sakit?
I'm sorry that I couldn't save you.
I love you Enzo.
You are forever in my heart.