24 December 2014

Happy Holidays!

Just a quick selfie to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.
This season only comes once a year so it's best to make the most out of it and smile.
Look at me, I'm spending the holidays alone yet I'm smiling. At least I try to :-)

Happy New Year as well.
2014 hasn't been my favorite year. Emotionally taxing.
I hope 2015 will be a much better one for me and to everyone.

I think it's time for me to purchase a new smartphone with a more high res front facing camera.
But I'm also planning to purchase a new laptop. I don't know which one to buy as a Christmas gift to myself. Oh the problem with being a Libra. LOL!
OK I'll choose the laptop. I'm not obsessed with phones anyway.
I'll buy a new smartphone in February as a Valentine's gift to myself. Hehe.

I was also planning on getting an S.U.V. before the year ends but the model and specifically the color (white) I want is not available until next year. Hay naku! Gusto ko ng lumarga at magmaneho ng bagong tsikot no!

I was considering a pick-up instead but I realized it will be a pain to maneuver should I drive it in the city, horrendous traffic and all. 
Tricky to park too since parking lots specially in city tend to be tight/small.

If it weren't for the flooding during heavy rains and the usual hassles that come with 3rd world roads, I would have already purchased a hatchback or another sedan.

Good things come to those who wait. I can wait.
Besides, new models of SUVs will be arriving next year from different car brands.
I'm excited to check them out.

That's about it for today.
Take care :-)


robert said...

Having someone doesn't guarantee happiness. Sometimes being alone is much better than having someone...you know,less complicated life. count it more as a blessing and everything will follow.yeah...keep smiling,be happy.you deserve it.take care and Merry Christmas.

Toyo said...

Thank you Robert.
You always have the kindest words to say.
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ahead :-)

Anonymous said...

Belated Merry Christmas. Learn to be happy as yourself and continue to be kind to others, and love will find you. I'm sure you've worked hard for what you have so it is okay to spend on yourself. Besides, computers and vehicles are essentials nowadays, especially if you have a business. You can't go wrong with RAV-4 or CRV. Both are reliable and are smaller SUVs that don't require much space to park. But they might be a bit pricey, especially in Pinas.


Toyo said...

Thank you Ran.
The CRV is one of my choices.
I do not like the RAV4's looks.
The ASX was my main pick since it's not that big an SUV. Smaller than the CRV. But since most of the car dealers do not have the top of the line variant and color I like, I decided to postpone and pull out my deposit. Next year pa raw magka stock.
I think Honda and Mazda are coming up with small SUVs next year. Hintay muna ako.
All cars are overpriced in the Philippines compared to most countries.
Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the guy you met? Sinagot niyo na po ba? Sensya na po. Chismoso eh ^_^
Mag Subaru XV na lang po kayo. Maliit lang po iyon na SUV.
Happy New Year!

Toyo said...

Thank you Anonymous.
About the guy? He & I still text each other.

My sister plans to buy an XV.
Ayoko magkapareho kami ng sasakyan :-)
It looks too much like a hatchback than an SUV.
Happy New Year!

terry said...

You're a good looking guy and i don't see you staying single for very long. Driving in constant heavy traffic would tempt me towards an automatic and if it wasn't for the flooding i'd have a vw golf. Hope you receive the things that make you truly happy rey - all the very best for 2015

Toyo said...

Thank you Terry.
I like driving a manual but as I get older and also because of the traffic, I am considering getting an automatic. Heavy traffic is hard on a driver's feet.
European cars are quite expensive here in the Philippines.
Happy New Year. Wishing you the best as well :-)