21 December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!
I am doing much better now.
 I had hay fever the last time I blogged.
It's rice harvesting season at the moment and the area I live in is extra dusty now being surrounded by numerous rice mills, hence my allergies.
It's also why there are no curtains in my living room at the moment. They are magnets for dust.
I only have one trusted assistant who does the housework (clean, cook, laundry & ironing, car wash, and so forth) and I don't want to give my assistant any more additional workload like vacumming large curtains.    

My tree is up.
Finished setting it last Saturday evening.
It think it needs more lighting.
I'm still not done with my Christmas gift shopping though.
Can you believe that? My goodness!

I'm suddenly reminded of my Enzo.
I miss you little bud.

Again, Happy Holidays to all of us and may we
all have a wonderful year in 2016.
Take care :-)

29 November 2015


Last time I had a cold, and right now my cough is just beginning to subside.
My eyes were red a few weeks ago and just as I thought they were already healed, they turned red again yesterday. I went to my ophthalmologist but he wasn't at his clinic, so I had to return on Monday. Fortunately I still have some prescribed eye drops.
My stress level is already starting to rise and this happens.

So many red dots on my chest and back.
Red is color of the month I guess.
Red eyes. Red skin dots. Rashes.
I have to go to the doctor and have it checked on Monday as well.
Not sure if it's an allergic reaction or something else.
It's spreading to my arms.
What have I done to deserve this?
I take good care of my bod. 
I live a quiet life and do not mistreat people.
Why this kind of karma?
Wala akong bisyo. Wala naman akong winawalang hiyang tao. 
Ako pa nga kadalasan ang niloloko at winawalang hiya.
One at a time lang sana. Wag naman sabay sabay. Mag-isa lang ako eh.
This body is so uncooperative.
I can do this. I have to, the only person I can rely on is myself since I'm not fond of asking help from other people.
Anyway, these types of situations build up a person's character.
I hope December will be a better month because I plan on celebrating the Holiday Season this year.
Last year I didn't really celebrate it bec. of all of the fucked up things that happened.
This year I truly plan to.

18 November 2015

Infatuation 2015

So many cuteys popping out these days. I wish I was young again :-)
I haven't blogged about this kind of stuff in years.
I had a fun time picking out the hotties.
Going to concentrate mainly on Pinoy celebrities okay.

5th in my list is Rodjun.
If you're hungry for a total beefcake, he's the stud for you. 
Look at that bod! Wow!
High in protein. Low in fat. Hehe.
He also happens to be a good dancer. Pogi points for that.

Rodjun Cruz 28 5'9"

In 4th spot is Filipino heartthrob, Alden.
He may not possess the most defined bod but he is definitely cuteness overload!
He's a talented actor. He can also sing and dance. What more can one ask for?
With his wholesome image and background, he's the type of guy you would be confident to introduce to your family.

Alden Richards 23 5'11"

3rd place goes to Dennis.
He's been on my list of crushes for the longest time.
He's one of the best actors of his generation and also one of the best looking faces in Philippine showbiz in my opinion.
The man ages like wine.

Dennis Trillo 34 5'7"

Runner-up is JM.
What I like about him is his typical Filipino good looks.
Pinoy na pinoy ang dating niya.
This talented young actor seems to be facing a lot of personal issues lately.
I hope he pushes through.
Nevertheless, I find him hot!
May nanliligaw sa akin medyo kamukha niya,
 parang gusto ko na tuloy isuko ang aking bandila. LOL!

JM De Guzman 27 5'7"

Oh JM, we can blow...dry each other any time. Hehe.

And my numero uno celebrity crush for 2015 is....indie actor, Martin!
His is an angelic face with a body that tempts you to commit
a lot of sins. LOL!
If you want your guy lean, hairy & carries an extra large package, Martin's the one.
What a bulge! Yum! Yum! ;-)

Martin del Rosario 23 5'8"

So, who is your crush, celeb or not?
It's always nice to have someone who puts a smile on your face, just by thinking about the person.

I have a cold and a cough. My left eye is also red. I had it checked yesterday and the ophthalmologist prescribed an eye drop which I have to administer every 2 hours.
I cannot wear contact lenses for 2 weeks. I hate wearing glasses.
I try to take care of my body as much as I can because I hate getting sick.
It can be frustrating to get sick if you're alone, but I just have to suck it in.
Hay naku!
I'll just Google more scantily clad photos of the men above so I'll feel better.
Maybe I'll hit a jackpot and find nude ones ;-)
Have a nice day!

31 October 2015


A blog reader recently emailed me requesting that I do another dubsmash.
Why in the world would he want me to dubsmash again? Hehe.
 The requester's name is prettyhardboy69.
Since I love the number 69, and things that are pretty & hard , his request was easily granted. LOL!
Pinagbigyan ko na. Konti nga lang nagbabasa ng blog ko, baka mabawasan pa. Haha!
I also didn't have much anything to do that night, so might as well get on with it & have fun :-)

He specifically requested this Justin Bieber song.
My gosh! A man my age dubsmashing the Biebs & Minaj. Haha!
I'm glad I was able to do it in one take. Was dizzy by the end. LOL!
Happy Halloween! I hope I didn't scare ya ;-)

25 September 2015


It's my 40th birthday & my blog is on its 10th year.
 So let me umm..."serenade" you with the most fabulously fabulous greatest song in the universe! LOL!
I'm so good I almost sound like the original huh? Hehe!
Forgot to turn on the lights. 'twas a spur-of-the-moment ;-p

I promised before that I won't be singing in my blog anymore so I dubbed ;-)

Note to self: Caffeine in the wee hours of the night = foolishness galore! Haha!
Have a nice weekend!

06 September 2015


Hooray for cheat days!
My current addiction.

I can only consume them on weekends.
Everyday my mouth waters when I catch a glimpse of them.
My mouth is watering now as I'm typing this down. LOL!
Pagkatapos sundan mo pa ng ice cream at malamig na bote ng Coca Cola.
 My gosh, ang tiyan. Haha!

My current fave is Mang Juan's veggie chicharron. Hehe!
Oops! I forgot the vinegar :-)
Happy weekend!

17 August 2015

Dad Bod?

So, do I qualify? Hehe!
I've gained some weight.
I'm almost at 160 lbs. and yes, that is my limit.
I might look shorter if I bulked up too much.
I'm not that tall. I'm only 5'7" in height.

It's tricky trying to obtain muscle mass without getting fat. 
I have to admit that I haven't been doing much cardio and ab exercises, hence
the tummy.
But I'm already turning 40 this year.
I think I'm allowed to have a little "daddy" belly at my age ;-)

29 July 2015


It's been a while :-)
The photo was taken last weekend after I arrived home.
Drove all the way from Bulacan to Quezon City.
 Dropped by my dermatologist's clinic to restock/buy my skin care supplies.
I'm not getting any younger and I don't want to look like a "prune" anytime soon. LOL!
Prevention is much better than the cure.
After I left the clinic, it started raining heavily so I decided to head towards TriNoma mall.
Whenever it rains in the city, heavy traffic is always the result and I don't have any intention of getting stuck in traffic.
It took me about 15 minutes just to find a parking spot and I had to parallel park.
I hate parallel parking. Kainis!
Fortunately my vehicle has a back-up camera. Made things a lot easier :-)
I ended up buying a shirt and some video games. 
I wanted to buy a pair of jeans but I couldn't find where Levi's is.
My sister told me today that it's on the mall's ground floor.
I didn't explore that area because there were too many people that time.
I'm not quite familiar with the mall's layout. 
Mas kabisado ko ang Greenbelt or Glorietta.
I was so tempted to purchase a pair of sneakers at Lacoste BUT I didn't give in to the urge.
Although I really wanted to give in. Haha! I just bought one a few months ago.
Kapag sneakers kasi it's either Adidas or Lacoste for me, and usually sa Lacoste ang ending at medyo masakit sa bulsa :-)

I thought about calling a friend to accompany me to a movie but most of the films being shown during that time were not to my liking.
Di ko type ang mga palabas.
Paper something and Minions? Umm...NO!
I just went home after I was done shopping and eating. LOL!

Going back to aging, I'm noticing more and more white hairs on my goatee.
I really cannot hide my age anymore. Oh no!
It's a sign that I have to.....shave it ;-)
Maahit na nga yang balbas na yan. Walang pakisama talaga. Nambubuking. Tse!
Uncooperative goatee exposing my age. Darn you! Haha!
Have a nice day/evening.

14 June 2015


A musical madness courtesy of yours truly. LOL!
Fooling around in my guest room/office.

Fear not my loyal readers. All two of you. Hehe!
 This is the last time I'll post such a thing ;-)

27 May 2015


I got my new "steed" earlier in the month.
It's in white which is the color I wanted :-)

Not too big. Not too small. Perfect fit for me.
I do not have a spouse nor do I have children so a small SUV will do just fine.
Wala naman akong asawa at anak, kaya okay na yan.

My nanay (mother) is paranoid of the glass roof.
She was with me when we took it from the dealership.
She doesn't want to take a ride in it again. LOL!

Unfortunately, I can only drive it around the family compound because of the "No Plate Number, No Travel" policy of the Land Transportation Office.
Hindi pa ako pwedeng lumarga ;-)

I hope my official plate number gets issued as soon as possible BUT since this is the Philippines, wish me luck. It might take more than a month.
Good luck na lang sa inyong abang lingkod.

My old car which I nicknamed pogi (handsome) can finally go into a much needed semi-retirement. It has served me well throughout the years.
I don't want to sell it fearing that it might end up being abused or chopped for spare parts.
Kawawa naman siya pag ganun.
 Sentimental value is strong so it's hard for me to let it go.
It will still be the car parked in my garage.

I'm thankful that my parents allowed me to use their warehouse garage which is about less than a minute walk away from my home.
They know that I do not have the patience at the moment to undergo another home renovation just to expand my garage.

I have been driving vehicles with manual transmissions for the longest time.
 It's weird switching to an auto/CVT.
Vroom! Vroom! :-)

06 April 2015


Something smells "fishy" :-)
Just a quick video blog on a quiet, relaxing evening.
Nighty night!

16 March 2015

P is for Palpak

Confirmed! The P in PLDT stands for "Palpak."
Palpak is synonymous with incompetent or failure, in case you don't understand Filipino.

My PLDT land line phone still doesn't have a dial tone after reporting a complaint 3 days ago.
To make matters more annoying, when I called PLDT's customer service hotline for a follow up which isn't toll free since I'm using my mobile phone, their automatic answering machine informed me upon entering my land line number that the land line number is invalid. How stupid is that?

My internet connection is also affected. It keeps getting disconnected and has become as slooooow as a slug.

My basic monthly service fee alone is already P2,348 (around $52) , and that doesn't include the call/usage charges.
I feel like I'm paying so much for such crappy service.
This is what Filipinos get when there is a monopoly in telecommunications.

19 January 2015


Deja Vu!
The tiles in one of my spare rooms started rising and became loose.
The same thing occurred in another room a few years ago which I also blogged about.

I want to punch my home's original contractor.
I had to remove 29 tiles.
I did so to prevent them from pushing and exerting more pressure on the other tiles.

 Finished! Good as new. Well...almost good as new.
I decided to fix it myself since I had nothing much to do anyway during weekends.
It's good exercise as well.

It wasn't really difficult reattaching the tiles, but the process can be hard on the knees even with pads on.
The part I disliked the most was grouting and applying the waterproof seal.
 It's a messy task and I did not like the smell of the sealant.

Thumbs up! My job is done.
If you need someone to help you fix your loose tiles, you can call me. LOL!

-repair cost-

ready-mixed ceramic tile adhesive: P700.00 
grout: P80.00 
grout sealer: P200.00 
rubber gloves: P60.00
labor: free :-)

Total Cost: P1,040.00 (est. $23.33)

 I also used a trowel, a bucket, a small paintbrush, and some sponges for the job but I didn't include them in my computation since I didn't need to purchase them. I already have them in stock.
Happy New Year!!!