19 January 2015


Deja Vu!
The tiles in one of my spare rooms started rising and became loose.
The same thing occurred in another room a few years ago which I also blogged about.

I want to punch my home's original contractor.
I had to remove 29 tiles.
I did so to prevent them from pushing and exerting more pressure on the other tiles.

 Finished! Good as new. Well...almost good as new.
I decided to fix it myself since I had nothing much to do anyway during weekends.
It's good exercise as well.

It wasn't really difficult reattaching the tiles, but the process can be hard on the knees even with pads on.
The part I disliked the most was grouting and applying the waterproof seal.
 It's a messy task and I did not like the smell of the sealant.

Thumbs up! My job is done.
If you need someone to help you fix your loose tiles, you can call me. LOL!

-repair cost-

ready-mixed ceramic tile adhesive: P700.00 
grout: P80.00 
grout sealer: P200.00 
rubber gloves: P60.00
labor: free :-)

Total Cost: P1,040.00 (est. $23.33)

 I also used a trowel, a bucket, a small paintbrush, and some sponges for the job but I didn't include them in my computation since I didn't need to purchase them. I already have them in stock.
Happy New Year!!!


robert said...

ohh...handyman.good job.everything's so expensive nowadays and it pays to be handy.take care rey.

Toyo said...

Thank you Robert.
It was also good therapy. Kept my mind busy.

robert said...

yeah,you're right. i'ved done that too...kitchen floors,counter top and wall.who says we can't do a man's job.lol.

Toyo said...

It's a messy, sweaty job. It would have been nice if I had a cute sweaty assistant to help me when I was fixing my floor. Hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hello mr. repairman. Nice arms. Parang ang sarap magpayakap sa mga braso mo lalo ngayong cold weather.
Keep smiling papa toyo ^_^

Toyo said...

Thank you, Anonymous.

terry said...

you'll make someone a lovely hubby

Toyo said...

Thanks Terry :-)

Robert said...

Hi Rey, how are you? I hope you're doing good. Miss ka na namin. Wazzup?

Toyo said...


Hello Robert.
Okay naman ako.
Thanks for checking up on me.
Take care :-)