16 March 2015

P is for Palpak

Confirmed! The P in PLDT stands for "Palpak."
Palpak is synonymous with incompetent or failure, in case you don't understand Filipino.

My PLDT land line phone still doesn't have a dial tone after reporting a complaint 3 days ago.
To make matters more annoying, when I called PLDT's customer service hotline for a follow up which isn't toll free since I'm using my mobile phone, their automatic answering machine informed me upon entering my land line number that the land line number is invalid. How stupid is that?

My internet connection is also affected. It keeps getting disconnected and has become as slooooow as a slug.

My basic monthly service fee alone is already P2,348 (around $52) , and that doesn't include the call/usage charges.
I feel like I'm paying so much for such crappy service.
This is what Filipinos get when there is a monopoly in telecommunications.


Anonymous said...

Ganyan talaga. Cool ka lang papa toyo.
Gusto mo masahe kita? ^_^

Robert said...

That's my problem too.katatawag ko lang din sa pldt to complain about my internet connection. Ayun,recording ang sumagot,then they gave me a recorded technical assistant instructing me what to check and do. Grabe as in grabe.pag di ka nakabayad agad,mabilis silang mag disconnect.ay buhay talaga. Smile na lang...ang stress,ang stress...hehehe.

Toyo said...

Salamat Anonymous, may happy ending ba? LOL!

Robert, nakakainis yung recorded message nila no? Walang choice na i-skip iyon at diretso agad sa customer service rep. Last time I called I waited 10-15 minutes before they answered. Sana maayos na din ang internet connection mo. Overpriced ang mga net service dito sa bansa natin. Ang bagal pa compared to other countries.

Annie said...

Hi, your Youtube channel brought me here.

Have a great day!

Robert said...

Ok na yung sa akin.i tried what they instructed,nag work naman.loose antenna.hinigpitan ko lang,umokey na.kaya tuloy na naman ang ligaya.hahaha.happy ending din.hahaha.try mo,baka yun din ang problem mo.then have a massage na may happy ending.lol.take care Rey.have a good weekend.

Toyo said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog, Annie.

Robert, at least madali nasolusyonan ang net connection problem mo, yung sa akin both outside cables and system nila nagkaproblema.
Take care.