06 September 2015


Hooray for cheat days!
My current addiction.

I can only consume them on weekends.
Everyday my mouth waters when I catch a glimpse of them.
My mouth is watering now as I'm typing this down. LOL!
Pagkatapos sundan mo pa ng ice cream at malamig na bote ng Coca Cola.
 My gosh, ang tiyan. Haha!

My current fave is Mang Juan's veggie chicharron. Hehe!
Oops! I forgot the vinegar :-)
Happy weekend!


Anonymous said...

Mas masarap papakin si Papa Toyo ^_^

Toyo said...

High in protein. Low in fat. LOL! :-)

robert said...

yeah...protein rich papa toyo! someone to die for.lol.still gorgeous at 40.and with that goatee...OMG.

Toyo said...

Thanks for the kind words daddy Robert. Hehe :-)

Anonymous said...

You are a masochist yata ha. For chips to be out in the open like that is too much temptation for me. May strong-well ka. Good for you.

Toyo said...

Just between you and me, I sometimes cheat and not wait for my cheat day. Hehe!
Shhh! That's a secret okay? :-)
Thanks for the comment Anonymous.

terry said...

well it is your birthday - happy birthday rey

Toyo said...

Thanks for remembering Terry :-)