25 September 2015


It's my 40th birthday & my blog is on its 10th year.
 So let me umm..."serenade" you with the most fabulously fabulous greatest song in the universe! LOL!
I'm so good I almost sound like the original huh? Hehe!
Forgot to turn on the lights. 'twas a spur-of-the-moment ;-p

I promised before that I won't be singing in my blog anymore so I dubbed ;-)

Note to self: Caffeine in the wee hours of the night = foolishness galore! Haha!
Have a nice weekend!


robert said...

Happy 40th Birthday Rey! As always,my good wishes of course. Have a great and amazing day!
With regards to your video...well,it's awesome.But more light and more skin please.lol.
Take care and God bless!

Anonymous said...

Happy bday papa toyo!
Ang yummy yami pa rin ever.
Sana nga lang finocus yung camera sa baba ^_^

Toyo said...

Thanks for the warm wishes and comments.
It was a happy birthday for me indeed :-)

terry said...

Ten out of ten - you've got talent mate!

Anonymous said...

Pwede mag aply maging anak mo po?
Pramis po magiging masunurin po ako sa lahat ng bagay.
Happy bday!

Toyo said...

I got a 10 out of 10 in umm...silliness? :-)
Sure. LOL!