31 October 2015


A blog reader recently emailed me requesting that I do another dubsmash.
Why in the world would he want me to dubsmash again? Hehe.
 The requester's name is prettyhardboy69.
Since I love the number 69, and things that are pretty & hard , his request was easily granted. LOL!
Pinagbigyan ko na. Konti nga lang nagbabasa ng blog ko, baka mabawasan pa. Haha!
I also didn't have much anything to do that night, so might as well get on with it & have fun :-)

He specifically requested this Justin Bieber song.
My gosh! A man my age dubsmashing the Biebs & Minaj. Haha!
I'm glad I was able to do it in one take. Was dizzy by the end. LOL!
Happy Halloween! I hope I didn't scare ya ;-)