18 November 2015

Infatuation 2015

So many cuteys popping out these days. I wish I was young again :-)
I haven't blogged about this kind of stuff in years.
I had a fun time picking out the hotties.
Going to concentrate mainly on Pinoy celebrities okay.

5th in my list is Rodjun.
If you're hungry for a total beefcake, he's the stud for you. 
Look at that bod! Wow!
High in protein. Low in fat. Hehe.
He also happens to be a good dancer. Pogi points for that.

Rodjun Cruz 28 5'9"

In 4th spot is Filipino heartthrob, Alden.
He may not possess the most defined bod but he is definitely cuteness overload!
He's a talented actor. He can also sing and dance. What more can one ask for?
With his wholesome image and background, he's the type of guy you would be confident to introduce to your family.

Alden Richards 23 5'11"

3rd place goes to Dennis.
He's been on my list of crushes for the longest time.
He's one of the best actors of his generation and also one of the best looking faces in Philippine showbiz in my opinion.
The man ages like wine.

Dennis Trillo 34 5'7"

Runner-up is JM.
What I like about him is his typical Filipino good looks.
Pinoy na pinoy ang dating niya.
This talented young actor seems to be facing a lot of personal issues lately.
I hope he pushes through.
Nevertheless, I find him hot!
May nanliligaw sa akin medyo kamukha niya,
 parang gusto ko na tuloy isuko ang aking bandila. LOL!

JM De Guzman 27 5'7"

Oh JM, we can blow...dry each other any time. Hehe.

And my numero uno celebrity crush for 2015 is....indie actor, Martin!
His is an angelic face with a body that tempts you to commit
a lot of sins. LOL!
If you want your guy lean, hairy & carries an extra large package, Martin's the one.
What a bulge! Yum! Yum! ;-)

Martin del Rosario 23 5'8"

So, who is your crush, celeb or not?
It's always nice to have someone who puts a smile on your face, just by thinking about the person.

I have a cold and a cough. My left eye is also red. I had it checked yesterday and the ophthalmologist prescribed an eye drop which I have to administer every 2 hours.
I cannot wear contact lenses for 2 weeks. I hate wearing glasses.
I try to take care of my body as much as I can because I hate getting sick.
It can be frustrating to get sick if you're alone, but I just have to suck it in.
Hay naku!
I'll just Google more scantily clad photos of the men above so I'll feel better.
Maybe I'll hit a jackpot and find nude ones ;-)
Have a nice day!