09 January 2016


I watched the pageant weeks ago but not in its entirety.
It was only a few days ago that I was able to watch its rerun in full.
I felt sorry for the Colombian that she was put in such an awkward situation.
I also felt bad for Ms. Philippines since she didn't get to fully relish her victory "moment" on stage.
As a Filipino I'm glad that she finally won the crown for the Philippines after 40+ years.

I edited out the unfortunate events in order to make the announcement of the winner, her victory walk, and coronation all seamless.
The pageant's classic theme was also used.
Happy New Year!
 Have a nice day and weekend :-)


Fiel Tumale said...

Happy New Year too, Toyo! :D

As always, its fun to read your blogsposts :)

Toyo said...

Thank you.
I've also read your recent email, salamat sa kind words.
Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year :-)