26 June 2016


I'm almost done with the interior repainting of my home, the final area which is the master bedroom.
It should have been finished months ago but I had to let go of my painter for a period of time so he can repaint a family member's house that was in dire need of a refresh.

Master bedroom is split in half.
This is the area currently being worked on.
This half serves as my home office. 

I've chosen the color powder blue. It's like a mix of gray and blue. Not too bright/light.
Much calmer. More soothing.
Pardon the mess. They're part of the process :-)

The room's color back in 2003.
Very juvenile.
Time flew by so fast.

Speaking of time flying by, I saw this photo in a very old USB stick I found while I was boxing my stuff. 
A photocopy of my old driver's license.

 I'm only 171 cm around 5'7" tall.
Why am I not tall? Is it because I seldom drank milk when I was kid?
But I'm lactose intolerant. Ewww!
 Huhuhu! I wish I was at least 180 cm. Here I go again.
Oh fairy gaymother, please grant my wish. Hehe!
51 kg. So skinny back then.
If I went back in time, my 2002 version will most likely find it difficult to recognize me ;-)