17 September 2017


Bored, old and....hungry. LOL!
Been a while since I last blogged huh?
Yup! I love that song too. Who doesn't? 😊

Yes, I am addicted to video games.
Been hooked on it since I was 13.
Here are some of the consoles I own.
Missing is the Sega Megadrive which I've given to my nephews when I
moved on to my very first Playstation.

And here are the current games that are keeping me from going out
of my house especially on weekends. Hehe! 😋

If you love video games, we will certainly get along very well.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Have a wonderful day!!!😊

16 March 2017


When sleep evades me.....again 😏
Did this a few nights ago.
Found it difficult to sleep, so instead of getting frustrated, I dubbed! LOL! 

It has been a while since my last blog.
I've been busy during the last couple of months.
So if anyone is still reading my blog, I want to greet you a
wonderful day! 😊