11 September 2005

Cyber Bachelors

I have gotten in-touch with a lot of people from all corners of the world through my website. I've known Aaron for more than a year. We even exchanged gifts last Christmas. He & I have good conversations. Olivier is an Algebra professor in Le Raincy. He's very fun to chat with.

I once attempted to match Aaron & Olivier, but I failed. :-( My matchmaking skills aren't very good I think. Terry is a typical Englishman. He's in the construction business. He sends me the warmest & most pleasant emails. I don't understand some of his British humor though. :-) These 3 men are very nice, "single" and eligible bachelors. I'll feature more cyber bachelors in the future.


The french teacher said...

boooo, well ...what can i say to this ? proud to be your mister France ;o)
but i m not an algebra professor only a poor biology's teacher...
and for the reader i think that "le raincy" is not a famous city and so near from paris that by the way you can say that i live Paris i prefer :o)))
well finally happy to be in the 3 first numerous cyberbachelors ...;o)

Rey/Toyo said...

sorry olivier! anyway, i prefer a biology class than algebra class. i hate algebra. hehe! by the way, be prepared for the swimwear and interview potion mr. france :-) and due to popular demand, there will be no more talent competition.

Aaronindublin said...

Hi Rey,

You make me laugh alot, ur a great friend and I am glad you are in my life.

Besos y Abrazos


Anonymous said...

hehehe... their only common denominator it seems was "you" and that may have been a reason your matchmaking failed... you'll need to find other common denominators between people to actualize a deeper bonding, hehehe

yun lang po... in my humble opinion lang naman :);)