02 September 2005


I am happy/masaya ako today kasi I finished all the papers needed to be processed for my own business. I am now a boss :-)

happy dawg


Anonymous said...

good job boss :o)
the fine happy dog, it's you ?
i hope see you soon to tchat

your french internet friend

??? said...

by the way congrats boss! can i be your secretary. i can do more than type notes. ;)

Anonymous said...

me too ... me too ... i want to be your secretary ... don't you ?
if the boss travel a lot may be somtimes he will go in europe ;o)

french admirator :o)))

Rey/Toyo said...

Olivier! Why do you always post a message as "anonymous?" I know that's you. I don't know "???" though. Anyway, if you want to be my secretary kindly send me your resume and be prepared for a written, oral, and thorough physical examination. :-) Hehe! Kidding!

french lover said...

wow ..well ...i will prepare my exams... i will see if i can't found teacher in paris...because I m afraid about physical and oral examination :o)))

Majin Kyxer said...

is that pic from Akazukin ChaCha? O____o lolz!!!

Rey/Toyo said...

yes it is. hehehe! i like that crazy anime :-)