21 February 2006

Broke & Bare

A few weeks ago I asked a friend of mine to find me a copy of the movie Brokeback Mountain but what he gave me was a porno flick Bareback Mountain instead....which was MUCH MORE satisfying to watch. Brokeback Mountain is a little depressing, I'm talking about the film's ending. I don't know why mainstream/legitimate gay movies I've gotten to watch (Brokeback, etc.) always seems to have sad endings. One of the lovers always die :-(
Anyway, Bareback Mountain is also a "touching" story (and there were lots of touching and more...hehe!) of two gay cowboys (Keith & Jack) who have to "bareback" across America in order to become the next American Porn Idols. But as our protagonists travel & bareback across the country, they'll eventually have to meet the "Big Two" rodeo kings (hunky Paulo and Brandy) whom they have to "outwit, outlast, & outbareback" along designated pit stops inorder to retrieve from them the immunity idols which they need to defeat their final nemesis...American Porn Idol judge - Simone. Simone is one sexy fag hag with diabolical plans to turn all gay men into heteros. That evil bitch!! Will Keith and Jack overcome their trials and become the next American Porn Idols? Well...I'm not gonna spoil the ending for you but the last scene of Keith and Jack on top of Bareback Mountain together with their cowboy pals makes me wanna go to our farm and become a cowboy (or is it cowboi?) too. Bottom line, (pun intended) Bareback Mountain should have at least gotten an Oscar nomination for best "milking" :-)
Brokeback Mountain VS Bareback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain VS Bareback Mountain

03 February 2006


It's February again. It's the month of love so here's a list of some of the things I just love:
I love it whenever I see my crush.
I love it whenever I buy clothes that fit me just fine.
I love it whenever I get to eat my favorite foods.
I love it whenever the plane I'm in touches the ground bec. it means I won't be getting airsick anymore.
I love it whenever I'm on the beach, the skies are clear, the waters are calm, and there are few people around.
I love it whenever I see cute lovers holding hands.
I love it whenever traffic's not heavy.
I love it whenever I meet interesting people.
I love it whenever I realize that I made the right decision.
I love it whenever I get to put a smile on other people's faces and then laugh with them.
I love it whenever I think about the people who love me.
I love it whenever I'm in-love. :-)
I love it knowing that love is free.
I've updated my music page. The new theme is The 80s.