17 June 2006


I can't believe I'm already in my 30s. I'm amused at how I have physically changed over the years. I mean if I went back in time, my past self wouldn't probably have an idea of who I am :-) I hope I age well. I'm certainly no "kid" anymore although some people still treat me like one. I am not a kid. I'm already old enough to have a kid of my own if I wanted to...but I don't. I don't have any intentions of having a kid of my own. High maintenance. LOL!

07 June 2006


Whenever first-time blog readers (particularly Pinoys/Filipinos) of mine send me an email, they always comment on how they thought that I was “brave” for being quite open about my life, particularly about me being gay. I don’t actually consider it as “bravery,” I am just being myself. They (usually the younger Pinoys) also ask me for my input, advice or opinions on how to “come out” and this is often my reply:
“Live your life in a manner that best suits you. Whether you are in or out of the closet is not really that important anymore. What is important is you have accepted who you really are and you try live a decent & productive life in which you don't intentionally step on other people's feet in order to reach your goals and personal happiness. Because in the end, a person will not really be remembered for being gay or straight but by the way he/she has lived his/her life and the positive influence it had on the people around him/her.”
However, I would still prefer to be “out” at least to people who are important in my life (doesn't have to be the whole world) and I already explained why in one of my blog entries :-)