20 December 2009

Season's Greetings!

Season's greetings everyone :-)
May all of us have a wonderful and meaningful holiday season.
It's been a tough year for a lot of people here in the Philippines, but it's going to take more than typhoons to crush the spirit of the Filipinos. Tuloy pa rin ang Pasko. Everybody's still excited for Christmas, and looking forward to a much better year ahead.
Now, back to "more important" matters. LOL! I just want to say to a certain "someone" that all this Santa's little helper wants for Christmas is a cute petpet boylet love slave! Yehey! LOL! Someone discreet, and will obey all of my orders! Hahaha! Ang taas taas naman kasi ng standards niya eh. Wala tuloy pumapasa. Arte! Maski hipon pwede na rin, pagsusuotin ko na lang ng maskara. Haha! ;-) Please allow me babe! I've been a very good boy this year. Really...I am a good boy. Believe me. Maniwala naman kayo. Believe in me as I believe in you. Naks! LOL! ;-p

14 December 2009


The end of yet another long day. I need a cold shower. Done with the Christmas shopping. Looking forward to a nice long holiday next week. Looking forward for some fun along the way too. Checked my G4M/PRomeo account and an interesting message caught my eye. It's from a funbud I had 3 years ago which I am going to hide under the name, Miguel. I was healing a broken heart back in the early part of 2006. I became very active in G4M in order to forget my ex, move on and to just mainly have fun for a change. Dated and played with more than a dozen men in a span of a month. That's how much I wanted to forget.

Miguel, a handsome, tall, athletic, and little older than me "chinoy" (Chinese/Filipino) was the most frequent guy I had fun with, but after several "meetings", he said that wanted us to be more than mere friends-with-benefits. He wanted to start a relationship with me. I asked him if he was really single, because I had a gut feeling that he might not be. There were telltale signs. Signs like he didn't want to give me his home phone number, he's very cautious whenever we met, and we never did our thing in his place though he said that he lives alone. It's always in a hotel. Naging suki na kami ng Shangri that time. He then admitted that he's already in a relationship with someone else, which for me is the deal breaker. I just can't. I don't want to be the "other man" in a relationship. The "other man" always ends up in tears. He said that he could make it work. In my mind I wanted to tell him; "Are you insane?! I've just recently ended a relationship." I just smiled instead, gave him a kiss, left the hotel and drove home... Miguel wants to meet this weekend. He said that he's single and is curious if he and I could give it another try. I politely explained that I'm already in a relationship. However if he's still persistent, maybe he could be my "other guy." What a reversal huh? Kidding. I'm afraid of karma. I'm still thinking whether to meet him or not... I really need a cold shower... Men...

08 December 2009

Toyo Was A Catholic Schoolboy??!! Part 2

Someone asked me to post another high school photo of myself. I don't know why? Strange request. Still granted though. I don't have a lot of high school pics. Cameras were boring back then and we used film. It's a hassle to bring one. Anyway, here's my class photo.
Yup! I was once a Catholic schoolboy. LOL! I'm imagining what my other batchmates would think or say if they discovered my blog. Oh no! Haha! It doesn't matter. I don't plan to attend any more reunions in the future. I'll be old by then. ;-p

Look at that hair. LOL! I wonder how many cans of hair spray I had consumed during those years. Ilang Aquanet at tancho gel kaya naubus ko? Aquanet?! Tancho Gel?! LOL! Hay naku! Pag nabasa ito ng mga madre, baka tanggalin ako sa mga alumni ng school nila, pero tuloy pa rin ang buhay ko. Blah! Haha!

02 December 2009

Hi! :-)

Just wanted to say "Hi!" :-) Took this photo while in the locker room of a local gym that I checked out earlier. The gym was ok, but I've realized that I've been working out for years alone here in my home gym that I'm not used to working out with other people around me anymore. I get conscious of other people staring at me.

Yeah, the iPhone's camera isn't that great. So does its battery life. I should have brought my other phone instead. It's a fashionable phone but there are other phones that are much better. What else am I gonna talk about? There's this kid flirting with me that I find cute. He's only 24 though. Should I? Gawin kong petpet boylet... Hmmm.... Kidding! ;-)


20 November 2009

9 to 5

My new office is finally finished and ready to be occupied.
I'd like to thank Ryan for helping me in designing and decorating it on a very tight budget. Major thanks to my father too who happens to be my boss. Hehehe :-)
It's nice to have an office of my own although I still spend most of my working time in our main office, which at present is undergoing renovation. The family biz deals with printing and manufacturing.

All I need now is a handsome sexytary. Oops! Secretary I mean. Hahaha!

13 November 2009


Met this guy three years ago. I miss him.
I wonder where he is now and when he will return.
I miss his cheekbones. His biceps.
I miss hugging the stocky-muscular frame.

I'm, beginning to lose hope. Why does he have to be so stubborn? Why doesn't he quit smoking? Why doesn't he quit loving Krispy Kremes? Why doesn't he accompany me while working out in the gym? May gym na nga ako sa bahay. Isang tumbling lang ang layo ng gym ko sa mga kwarto dito sa bahay ko tinatamad pa rin ang lolo niyo. Boohuhu! Gusto ko ganito katawan niya ulit. Grrr!!!! Why do you have to be so stubborn babe?! Darn it! Sabunutan kita eh. ;-p Fortunately for him, he has this trick he does with his mouth whenever he "plays" with my "tool" that drives me insane in bed. Sex is power. Haha! Napapamura ako. Galing eh. LOL!

02 November 2009

This and That...

Rise and shine! This is what I look like after waking up. See? You wouldn't like me in the morning. LOL!
Oh what to talk about? Umm...yesterday was All Soul's Day here in the Philippines. It's a major holiday in which Filipinos commemorate loved ones who had already passed away.
Spent the afternoon in Krus sa Wawa cemetery, lit a candle, and prayed for my family members who had already moved on to a much better place. Before I went home I got a text message from a Planetromeo/G4M member asking if I could meet up with him since he's also visiting his relatives in Krus sa Wawa. We met at the chapel. It was a very short meeting. Five minutes of chit chats and then we parted ways. I was in a hurry. I rarely find time to meet people that I'm corresponding with online so I'm glad that the guy didn't turn out to be a jerk or a joke. He seems nice.

There are several men I've been corresponding with that I've been meaning to meet. Problem is, some of them have this impression that I'm a player or something. I am not. It's my fault. It's probably because I've posted naughty photos & videos of myself in the past, and that I talk about sex here in my blog. I very rarely play around with other men. I am wary of playing around because gay men have a tendecy to kiss-and-tell. I don't want to have a bad reputation, like I'm some guy you can easily get into bed with or someone who plays with other people's hearts & emotions. Sometimes I regret being too open here in my blog. Maybe I should delete my blog and be discreet again.

25 October 2009

Infatuation 2009

It's that time of the year again in which I talk about the men I'm obsessing and would never have. Hahaha! It's a such lazy Sunday afternoon and I've got nothing else to rant about. So boring here in the province :-) If a look-a-like of any of these hunky hunky men happens to flirt with me, then it's definitely game on and trousers off. I'm crossing my fingers. LOL!

5th on the list is Marco. I already had a crush on him when he was still a member of a boyband but when I saw his indie movies in which he did frontal nudity scenes, I was like yum yum yum! What a "package!" Ang laki! Nahalatang size queen tuloy. 6 inches pataas lang dapat. LOL! Kidding. It's all in the performance...kuno ;-) 4th spot goes to Ryan. First saw him in the HBO vampire series True Blood. The guy has an amazing body & abs and such a cute face. I'd definitely want a bite of him. 3rd place is Aljur. He's fit. He's cute and he's "moreno" (bronze/brown skin). I find moreno men very sexy. Hindi din siya mukhang maarte nor mayabang unlike other matinee idols here in the Philippines. 2nd runner up goes to Akihiro, the Japanese/Brazilian model. I mean, who wouldn't love that face? Love you Aki! But not as much as I looooooove Ricky. A hot daddy, singer, dancer and philanthropist. Love him. I've been obsessing about Ricky for years. Hahaha! Dream on Toyo. Dream on! Next week, mga crush ko naman sa G4M/PlanetRomeo and Facebook. Hehe! Kidding! :-) 

19 October 2009


Time moves so fast. The newest & youngest member (my niece/Sachi) of my family recently celebrated her 1st birthday. My goodness, by the time she turns 18 I'll be 52. Oh no!!!! I'd better not skip using my moisturizer. Hahaha! Dapat todo effort every night ang pag apply ng moisturizer to maintain a beautiful skin...na walang blemishes. LOL! I don't want to grow old. It's too hard. :-( I can't believe my little sis, the person who I used to tease and annoy is now a mom.

so young.... life is just beginning for her...

07 October 2009


I "celebrated" my birthday last 25th of September. Actually, I didn't really celebrate because I was sick. I just spent it alone here in my house. Fever, cough and cold and all :-(

Ryan was away so I was a little annoyed at him at that time. Hmp!

So he gave me these presents to compensate for his lack of presence during my birthday ;-p

Forgiveness has a price....LOL!

34. Oh my!! Shhh...if anyone asks, tell them I'm only 29 ok? Hehe! :-)

03 October 2009


Kainis! Waah! My laptop crashed corrupting one of my excel files. Even the backup file in my usb drive got corrupted because it was still inserted to my laptop when it crashed. I have to re-audit the entire month of September and these aren't the only receipts and papers I have to record. There's a box of them in the filing cabinet waiting for moi! Boohuhu! :-(
Auditing & bookkeeping = painfully boring! Kaasar!!!!
Anyway, I'm just gonna close my eyes and think of my....brand new crush! Yehey!! He's sooo cute. Haha! Now I feel better. Magpaligaw kaya ako sa kanya. Gusto daw niya umakyat ng ligaw eh? Umakyat?! Very Bulakenyo, very Tagalog. Haha! Sabi ko ok lang basta 'wag niya kalimutan magdala ng flowers & chocolates maski Serg's chocolates pwede na. LOL! ;-p

27 September 2009


I and my family are but some of the thousands of people affected by typhoon Ondoy. When I went out to check my parents and sisters inside our compound, the water was waist-deep. The homes of my sisters got flooded. My parents and I were spared because before our homes were built, the ground underneath them were elevated in preparation of situations such as flooding. My town is located in-between two rivers; Bocaue and Balagtas. The walls of our family compound saved us and prevented more water from coming in. I was scared. Our warehouses, machineries and our inventories that were to be sold have been flooded but I'm still thankful that we have survived this ordeal unharmed. Life is what matters most. I pray that the coming week will bring better days for all of us here in the Philippines, especially to those who were severely affected by the typhoon.

If you wish to help the victims of the typhoon, you can visit the website of the Philippine National Red Cross. The link is http://www.redcross.org.ph/

22 September 2009


Took this photo 2 days ago. Hairline is receding. Gray hair increasing. Dark circles & lines underneath my eyes. Age is catching up on me. Hay buhay....ganyan talaga. Oh well...that's life :-) Why do we have to grow old? It's annoying! LOL!

On another note, someone recently sent me a message in Planetromeo saying that he saw me shopping at Ace Hardware (SM Marilao) last week. I knew he was telling the truth because his desciption of what I was wearing during that time was correct. The guy also mentioned in his message that he wanted to introduce himself but got "intimidated." I asked him, "in what sense were you intimidated?" He replied that I seem like a guy who wouldn't pay attention to guys like him. Medyo mayabang daw dating ko especially when I walk. "Astig" daw kilos ko. I didn't reply anymore. If he's intimidated by me, then that's his problem. I told Ryan about it and he told me that there's some truth to what the guy said. Ryan said that I have this "tough guy" way of walking/mannerism that if I was walking at night alone in dark alley, I might end up getting in a fight with other guys loitering in the streets. Ryan further added that once I start talking though and people hear my "boyish" voice (LOL!) the tough guy persona's over. Hahaha! May pagkapaminta daw talaga dating/kilos ko, unless magsalita ako. ANTIPATIKO!!!! Antipatikong Ryan na yan talaga ha! Kurutin ko bilbil niya eh...sa kili-kili. Hahaha! I am not a snob ok? If someone bumped in to me and wanted to introduce himself, I'm not going to deny him as long as he's decent and umm....looks like Ricky Martin. Hahaha! Ricky Martin, I love you!!! LOL! Just kidding. I'm not a snob. Now that I've cleared things up umm....where are all the cute men here in Bulacan that I can be "friends" with to release me from the boredom of this sleepy town I'm in. Hehe! :-)


18 September 2009

Bad Hair Day

I was deleting files on my computer and I've stumbled on to this one.
Recorded a few months ago. Frustrated at my hair taking too long to grow back. Haha!

30 August 2009

Shirt's Off! Shirt's On! 2

Once again, I want to make it clear that I am not claiming to be muscular nor sexy. This video is a response to some of my viewers and readers emailing me for shirtless pics. I've compiled some of the photos I have here in my blog into a single video. Have a wonderful day :-)

24 August 2009


Ho-hum! Got nothing juicy to blog lately. Ryan's away for a week to attend his niece's 18th birthday in Dumaguete. The cat's away, should I play? Nah! Not in the mood actually. I'm on meds/antibiotics. Injured my gum while brushing my teeth a few days ago. Now it's swollen. Ang sakit ha! Hirap kumain! Hobby ko pa naman yun! LOL! Di ko man lang na french kiss bf ko before he left kasi bawal. Boohuhu! I wasn't even able to French kiss my bf before he left because of my swollen gum. Waaah! Grrr!!! Roar!!! LOL!

Ryan and I have a baby! Biro lang. Just kidding. That's my sister's daughter, Sachi. Ryan and I happen to be her godfathers. Look at her long legs. I hope she becomes 5'10" tall when she reaches adulthood. Unlike me. I'm only 5'7" tall. Boohuhu! Hindi ako matangkad. Vertically challenged. Boohuhu! Why??!!! Bakit??!!! Shhh!! This is our little secret ok? LOL! My family's growing and she's a wonderful addition. I was still a skinhead when the photo was taken. I miss being a skinhead sometimes. What am I saying? A few weeks ago I was ranting about how my hair took forever to return. Make up your mind Rey! Slap! Slap! Slap my bubblebutt. Haha! Ryan told me that I looked snobbish in the photo. I'm not a snob! I told him that I didn't smile on the photo because skinheads shouldn't smile. Not smiling is part of a skinhead's barbaric appeal. Barbaric??! LOL! Haha! I'm talking gibberish now. Probably the meds. I'd better stop before I blurt out anything umm...I might regret later like scandals and stuff. LOL! Father's scheduled to undergo surgery on his eye next week at the Asian Eye Institute. I hope everything goes well. I'm not fond of clinics and hospitals. Have a nice day ;-)

30 July 2009


Father has been discharged from the hospital Wednesday afternoon. He's recovering well. We have to keep a close watch on his diet and activities. He still needs to return to Makati Med. next week so that his doctor could evaluate him on whether he's fit enough to undergo surgery on his right eye. He has a cataract. It was only yesterday that I was able to sleep well. I'm really thankful that Ryan was with me throughout this whole ordeal. I hope our next visit to the doctor won't be so stressful. Baka malosyang ako masyado niyan. My gosh! I pray to God to always watch over my loved ones.
Thanks for the well-wishes by the way. I appreciate it.

27 July 2009


I've been super stressed and exhausted.
Father was rushed to Makati Medical Center in the city after he experienced an eye stroke while he was being prepared by his doctor for his eye surgery last Saturday in a hospital here in Bulacan. My family and I suspect that there's been negligence on the part of the doctor who was attending to him, so I'll not name the doctor for now until we're sure of our suspicions. That doctor has been my mother’s eye doctor for years now and has even performed an eye surgery on my mother in the past so we didn’t think anything would go wrong, but…
I was up at 4:30am Saturday because father’s supposed eye surgery here in Bulacan was scheduled at 6:30 am and we were told to be in the hospital at 5:30am. We rushed my father to Makati Med. around 10am. l was up until 1 or 2:00am Sunday morning taking care of my father. Hardly slept at all. Up to now, my father is still in Makati Med. undergoing further observation. My mother and our personal assistant are the ones watching over him. It's exhausting traveling/driving back and forth from Bulacan to Makati Med. every morning but I have no complaints. I want my father to get well. If I could buy him his health back, I would. He didn't also suffer an eye stroke but a mild stroke as well. He is recovering and is much better now. The right side of his body is weaker. Seeing my father not well saddens me. Hurts me. I'm glad Ryan is with me for some much needed emotional and physical support. I think I've lost 10 pounds in the last 3 days. I probably weigh around +/-120lbs. which I know isn't good for a 5'7" tall guy. I have no complaints. Father is the priority for now. I want him to get well soon so he can continue enjoying his golden years. He'll be 70 this September.
I'll just eat like a pig when this entire ordeal is over to regain my lost pounds. Ryan is a good cook after all. Papatabain daw niya ako ulit :-)

22 July 2009


Hello! Long time no see huh? Been super busy lately. Yay! My hair is slowly returning. Hahaha! I can now use my brush and hairdryer. LOL! Nanay/my mother warned me never to shave my hair or else she'll bitch slap me. Oh no! Kakatakot! ;-)

Ryan already moved in with me in my house here in Bulacan. He sold his condo in Makati. NOOOO!!!! It means I won't have a playground in the city anymore!!! Boohuhu! The cute men are in Makati ya know! Dami pa namang gwapo doon. Kainis! Dito sa Bulacan, parang wala yata. If any cute Bulakenyos want to protest against my statement, feel free to rally in front of my house. I'll welcome you with open arms, complimentary drinks (like umm..Zesto. Haha!), and umm...a kiss! LOL! ;-)

I converted what used to be my bedroom's office area into Ryan's own bedroom. I know, that old TV has got to go. Yup, Ryan and I don't sleep in the same room. Before he moved in with me I told him; "Babe, I love you but we're not going to be sleeping on the same bed." Why did I tell him that? It's because he's a very (as in) very loud snorer, AND he turns/moves a lot while sleeping. Kakainis! Kakapuyat ha! He'll ruin my beauty sleep. LOL! The only time we share a bed together is when we watch a DVD or TV show and umm...you know. Haha!

My side of the master bedroom. I like darker, cozy colors. I also don't want too many things inside my bedroom.
Ryan's side of the master bedroom. He likes lighter colors which is why he's decided to take this room instead of the guestroom. He plans to redecorate our rooms once he's already fully settled in. I'm not very good in decorating and stuff, so I gladly let him handle that task.

This is all for now. Have a wonderful day :-)

09 July 2009


Before I begin my rant. I just want to tell everyone that I was informed that someone has been using my photos again on the website Friendster. The guy is a poser! I am flattered that he identified himself as 27 years old though. Hehehe! Nevertheless, a poser is a poser! Here's the weblink of the guy who is pretending to be me. Be careful.

Ok, back to my rant. Let me just stress for the last time, that Globe Wireless Broadband Internet sucks!!! Specially, here in Bulacan. I can't wait to have my subscription with that wretched ISP terminated. For weeks, I have been complaining/reporting to their customer service hotlines on how slow my net connection has been, sometimes there's no connection at all. All I get is their usual reply of; "We're very sorry sir for the inconvenience, we are doing maintenance work on our systems. Our system will be back to normal within 24-48 hours." But their system never did go back to normal. My internet speed is still at a snail's pace. Cum dripping from my pole is a lot faster. Wanna bet? LOL! Napunta na naman sa sextalk. Haha! Imagine waiting 15+ minutes for your Yahoo mail to open. That's how slow it is. Oftentimes, it won't open at all, leaving just a blank page. How am I supposed to access my important emails, some of which are business-related? How am I supposed to flirt online? LOL! Baka magtampo na ang aapat kong online fans. Lalo na yung ka C2C ko. 'Wawa naman siya. C2C???!!! Haha! NASL? LOL!. Hoy! 'di na ako nakikipag C2C ha. Kayo talaga. Matagal na akong graduated doon. I prefer the real deal. Nakakabitin kasi pag biglang nadisconnect while doing the naughty deed online. Talaga naman ah. Haha! ;-)

I feel like I'm just wasting my hard-earned money paying for their crappy service. Money doesn't grow on trees. Sana tinreat ko na lang sarili ko to a fancy spa or bought some nice shirts instead of paying for their useless service. Why oh why is the Philippines plagued with ISPs (Internet Service Providers) that give crappy and poor quality service to their subscribers?

02 July 2009


Ryan's lost some weight, thank goodness. I told him that he should really try to get back in-shape. He has scoliosis, and the added weight on his belly might further worsen his back's condition. I also get annoyed whenever we bumped into some of his friends whom he has not seen in quite some time and his friends wouldn't recognize him bec. he has gained weight. I told him that it bothers me. Lalo na pag narinig ko sinasabi sa kanya na "tumaba ka." Hirap naman idefend kasi totoo naman. Tumatahimik na lang ako pero sa loob ko naaasar ako sa situwasyon. No more Krispy Kremes for you Babe. You're going on a special diet. A diet of water. LOL! Nirekomend ko yung SM Bonus na mineral water pero ayaw niya! Snobbish??!! Gusto daw niya Evian. Sosyalera! :-p

I'm trying my best to stay in-shape, I told him that he should try to take care of his body too. He's a little stubborn. He and I aren't getting any younger. I want the both of us to grow old healthy, and age gracefully. I don't want him to be too thin though. I want him to be stocky/muscular again just like the first time I met him. Stocky/muscular = my fetish. Mighty meaty! Yumyum. Haha! Kaya nga bumigay agad ang lolo niyo sa kanya nung first meeting namin kasi fetish ko katawan niya no. Hehehe! Ayaw nga lang pabottom. Swapang. Hahaha! Hanap na lang ako ng proxy. LOL! Don't worry Babe, you'll always be my big boned baby ;-)

21 June 2009

Missin' You...

I miss my hair. It's taking forever to grow back. Boohuhu! :-( Sabi ng sister ko baka tuluyan na raw nagtampo sa kakashave ko AND matanda na raw ako. Antipatikang babae. Grrr! Waaah! :-( It has been a month since I started letting my hair grow but it's still too short. I'm tired of wearing a cap. My market value took a plunge when I shaved my hair. Market value??!!! Nyahaha! My stocks collapsed. LOL! Loco huh? Actually... my name is Loco, I live on the second floor. I live upstairs from you. Yes, I think you've seen me before. If you hear something late at night. Some kind of trouble, some kind of fight. Just don't ask me what it was. Just don't ask me what it was... LOL! Soooo 80's ;-)

Happy Father's Day to my tatay and to all fathers and umm..."papas" all over the world ;-)

John Waite - Missing You

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22 May 2009


Ryan & I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary last month. During the early weeks of our relationship, I thought we wouldn't last long. Back then, he saw me as this naive probinsiyano/guy from the province. I saw him as a diva drama queen/nagging "wife." Hahaha! Aside from that, we're just two very different people whose personalities often clashed. 3 years later and we're still together. It's a miracle! LOL!

Here we are in my house, taking pics just before we drove on our way to the place where we were going to celebrate our anniversary.

Ryan's only 2 years older than me but he looks like a "daddy" now. He needs to get back in shape! I command you to get back in-shape Babe!!!! I met him 2 months after I ended a previous relationship. Met him through a website. The now defunct G4M. We started with friendly chats. Weeks later, we decided to meet. After a day of dating (hahaha!) I asked him if he wanted us to be exclusive with each other. He was hesitant. So the following day I dated another guy from Makati Med. Hello Makati Med guy! Hehe! When I told Ryan about it, he immediately agreed to be exclusive bf's. LOL! Natakot ang Ryan. Pademure pa kasi. Buti nga! ;-p

Arte no? Paposing posing na naman. Bakit ba, eh sa gusto kong magpose. Walang pakialamanan! Kanya-kanyang trip tayo. LOL! This is where we were supposed to have our anniversary dinner, in an open-air restaurant overlooking Taal Volcano. See the fog? Unfortunately, it began raining hard after this photo was taken. We decided to spend it in another place. I wasn't in the mood to take photos by that time. I was too hungry :-p

I plan to do a new video by the end of June. It will be a little like my "Buddies" or "Love" video. I just need a cute guy who'll play as Ryan's younger brother. Someone in his mid 20s. It's hard to find someone brave enough to do a kissing scene in public though. That will be the final scene. Anyone interested to apply? ;-) I hope my plans push through.

12 May 2009


I miss the sun. Rainy days are becoming more frequent. Another season is about to turn. Why did summer have to end so soon? I love the sun and the clear blue sky. Been getting some emails to post a pic of my ummm...backside since I posted that Insomnia video of mine. Request granted. Anyway, my blog only has a few readers so only a few will know about these pics. But I really don't care if other people saw these. They're merely photos. Hehe!
I have no problems with nudity but this is as far as I go here in my blog. Full monty is in my Planetromeo/G4M. LOL! Such a tease huh? I'm only naughty in cyberspace. In person, I'm meek and is the quiet type. Have a nice day :-) ready to fight? ;-)

naughty huh?

Madonna - Bedtime Story

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29 April 2009


It's supposed to be the height of summer and yet it has been raining for days. I hate it! I'm not fond of rain. I'm having a roof placed upon a portion of my top floor, and the rain is slowing the pace of the construction. I love saying that word "construction." Say it again...CONstruction! And again...CON... Hahaha! Moving on. Back to the topic. There are a lot of things I have planned for my top floor. Portion of the floor needs to be tiled.

Another portion's gonna be "landscaped" meaning, I'm gonna put some grass on the floors. I'm gonna turn this into a rooftop garden. Walls need to be repainted. So many things to do. This is where I plan to relax, do barbecues during special occasions, and skinny dip in my inflatable swimming pool. Hahaha! :-) Rain, rain go away. Come back in June instead.
BF's away with his family on vacation. While the cat is away, the mouse should be able to play (with BF's permission) BUT I haven't had a playmate since my special friend decided to migrate to Kiwi land. Boohuhu! Waaaah! I haven't had sex in 2 weeks! My gosh! :-( Where are the men in Bulacan? Hehe! Lahat ng nakalista (nakalista? hahaha!) sa cellphone ko nasa Makati. I have a place there pero the city is just not for me anymore. Gusto ko ng tahimik na sexually active na pamumuhay dito sa probinsiya? Tahimik na sexually active???!!! Loko loko talaga no? Haha! Bulacan is just too tame and there are also a lot of gossipmongers which is why I'm discreet here. Anyway, I've always wanted to try practicing ummm....celibacy. Celibacy?! What the f@#k!? LOL! ;-)

Jane Wiedlin - Rush hour

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17 April 2009


On my way to the farm. Stopped my car to wait for my father's vehicle which was +/- 45 minutes behind me. Took the opportunity to take a photo of the countryside. Yes, I'm still a skinhead. I'll wait 'til the monsoon season. It's the height of summer now and it's too warm to have long hair, in my case at least. Mali pa posing ko sa pic. Dapat magkadikit mga daliri para convincing & umm...photogenic ang katropa niyo. Hahaha! Katropa? Baduy ng term ko no? Sabi ng bf ko kasi magpakamasa naman daw ako. Makamasa naman ako ever since ha. Kumain nga ako sa food court ng Glorietta dati eh with him/bf. Lunch time, sikip sikip pa, walang cute na waiter. Haha! Siya nga ayaw kumain sa Chowking, eh gusto ko pa naman chicharap nila. LOL! Antipatikong Ryan! Nagutom tuloy ako. I'm craving some NYFD fries. Sarap ng garlic dip. Yum Yum! Takaw! ;-)
  Went barhopping a few weeks ago. Haven't done that in almost a year so I was very excited. Things changed once I was already inside one of the bars in Malate. Feelings of excitement turned into something else. I felt a little strange, and out-of-place. For the first time in my life, I felt...old. Even though there was a sea of hot guys inside the bar, even if some were making the eye contact with me, I still didn't feel the urge to get in the zone & cruise. Saw men aimlessly standing in the room, seemingly waiting for something (or should I say someone) to happen...yet nothing did. Witnessed women/fag hags being treated as if they were mere playthings/joke by the studly gay men they were dancing with. Twinks, clueless on the 101's of flirting. Same old scenarios. I told my bf that I felt that I didn't belong there (club/bar scene) anymore. He felt the same way about himself. I was actually thinking more about my dog. I just wanted to go home and take care of my little pug. Maybe my age is finally catching up with me. After all, I'll be 34 this year. Walang-wala na talaga na kalendaryo ang edad ko. To be honest, I'm afraid of getting old...physically speaking. I feel a little insecure. Starting to feel it already. Body isn't as resilient nor dynamic as it was in my 20's. I hope this is just emotional & not physical. Am I really ready to leave the scene, fooling around...playing around or is this merely some sort of midlife crisis? A phase. I just feel jaded and bored. I don't know. "Snap out of it Rey! You're supposed to be carefree & not emotional! Drama isn't your forte." LOL! ;-)

 Liza Minelli - Losing My Mind

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10 April 2009

Happy Dawg!

Playing with Enzo. Nothing much to do that night. As you can see, I was very wholesome and had my clothes on in this recent video. LOL! ;-)

15 March 2009


Haven't been blogging for quite some time. Been very busy lately. Haven't been working out for a month too because of the busy sched. Too busy to even flirt? Umm...would you believe me if I answered, "yes." Hahaha!

My sleeping pattern is already back to normal. It was hard at first but I was able to correct my sleeping habit. It's nice seeing the sunrise every morning :-) Anyway, it's summer once again. Time to get back in-shape so that I'll be confident wearing my thong on the beach. HAHAHA! Kidding!
By the way, I was informed that someone has been using my photos in Skype. I just want to let everyone know that I do not have an account with Skype. I rarely even chat online. The only internet accounts I have are; Guys4men, YouTube (where I store my videos), Blogger, IMEEM (where I store my mp3s), Facebook (which I rarely access). and recently, Friendster (which I rarely access too). Ok, that's all. Have a wonderful day :-)

Craig David - Insomnia

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27 January 2009


You grow up so fast...

...and even if people made fun of the way you look, you'll always be my extraordinary little buddy providing me with lots of smiles and laughters. Hahaha! See? I'm laughing now. LOL! :-)

Mandy Moore - Extraordinary

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Ironically, "Enzo Madrid" was supposed to be my umm... "screen name" when I was once offered to be in a independent, gay-oriented movie by a talent scout. Hehe! The talent scout's legit. Ryan/my bf knows the guy. Works for a tv network if I remembered it right. I had to decline because when I told my parents about the offer, the first words that came out of them were "ayaw namin ng bold at wala dapat sex scenes", "no nudity and no sex scenes" they said. The talent scout informed me that there'll be some sex scenes and nudity. It was 2 years ago. It's one of my regrets because I'm curious when it comes to filmmaking, editing, etc. Shhh! Don't tell my folks about my "Insomnia" youtube video, ok? LOL! ;-)

22 January 2009

Chub :-)

I'm fat! Hahaha! Chubby chasers here I am ;-) I was organizing files in my pc & I saw this old pic of mine taken early 2008. I was trying to bulk up, but ended up a little plump. Haha! I was also on medication (antibiotics/steroids) to remove a small lump in my neck, hence the weight gain. The lump disappeared after two weeks of treatment, thank God :-)

Well, this is all for now. Nothing really exciting going on. No gossips. No scandals. Nada!
By the way, the guy below, he broke my heart. He's (Rustom) a celebrity here in the Philippines. I used to have a crush on him. I mean look at his cute face and muscular body. A few days ago I saw him on TV proclaiming that he is now a she. My heart is broken. Boohuhu! The handsome hunk is now a beautiful siren. Oh well, I am happy for him/her and I admire his courage for coming out knowing that there's a lot of discrimination going on against homosexuals here in the Philippines. There's even discrimination taking place within the gay community. Some cases in which fit/muscular gay men view skinny, or old, or overweight gay men with condescension. Instances wherein so-called straight-acting/butch gay men look down upon the effeminate/trannies/crossdressing homosexuals. I refer to those kinds of gay men as homophobic homosexuals. Homophobia is a big turn off for me, and I don't want anything to do with persons who display any form homophobia whether they be gay or straight. Nobody has the right to belittle anyone. I have been a victim of homophobia particularly during my high school & more so in my college years. People suspected that I might be gay. I was still confused back then. I was afraid. I was in denial. I was a lost kid trying to find his way towards self-acceptance. The gay bashing (both the verbal and physical attacks) I've experienced in school only forced me to further deny myself and hide in the closet. Fortunately, I was able to finally come out a few years ago. I'm at peace with myself now. Yet, everytime I see someone doing homophobic acts on a fellow gay man, my blood boils. I just don't want anyone else experiencing what I've went through.

Anyway, going back to Rustom. Oops! His/her name now is Bebe. I guess, all I can do now is to fantasize about his/her once studly body. Yum Yum! Look at those muscles. Woof! Woof! Dapat noon ko pa siya niligawan ;-)

Dionne Warwick - Heartbreaker

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15 January 2009


I have a freaking cold, cough, and sinusitis keeping me from getting a decent sleep. When will this stupid, fucking, suffering illness end??!!! Boohuhu! A week ago, which was when this photo was taken I was starting to get back to working out and getting in-shape. Now I'm out-of-shape again. BLAH!! GRRRR!!!! ROARRR!!!! LOL! Nakakalosyang. Bwisit! Perhaps I should call myself as "Losyong" ang lalakeng losyang. I'll rename my blog as Losyong's Way. Hahaha! Losyong/Losyang is a Filipino word meaning, haggard. WTF?! LOL ;-)

This is what I got from always posing shirtless in my pics? LOL! Hubad kasi hubad. Tinutukso na tuloy ako ng certain antipatikong bf na self-worship daw yung photos ko. Che!!! I hate getting sick. Coughs and colds are such unglamorous diseases. Nose dripping. Barking phlegm. Ewww! Kadiri! No one will love me now. No one!!! Boohuhuhu! Waahhh! This has been another episode brought to you by Toyo's Way. Haha! :-p Summer when will you arrive? A lot of people getting sick because of the cold weather. Can't wait for the hot summer sun, beach, water...
The Corrs - Summer Sunshine

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