22 May 2011


Recently got an email from a long-time blog reader requesting if I could post pics of myself during my teens. He's curious to see what I looked like.
Well...request granted. I apologize for the haircut. LOL! ;-)
Keep in mind that I spent my teens in the late 80s up to the early 90s. I was born in 1975.

Who would have thought that a kid who had spent 7 years of elementary education and 4 years of high school, in a school run by strict Catholic nuns would turn up to be the blogger that you are currently browsing right now. Haha! Lagot ako sa mga madre. LOL!
This is why I do not intend to attend any more reunions.
I didn't enjoy high school anyway. High school's only saving grace was my crush!
High school crush, I love ya! LOL!
Hindi ka mawawala dito sa aking puso't damdamin. Naks!
Bakit hindi mo ko pinapansin noon? Bakit??!!! Sipain kita diyan eh. Hehe!
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Bye! Bye! :-)

14 May 2011


Oh the exciting world of Facebook.
It has certainly changed the way we live our lives.

It has so many amazingly wonderful uses. You can you use it to...
1. Stalk your friends and their friends.
2. Stalk your ex and his/her friends.
3. Accept 1000+ friend invites from people you hardly or don't know at all to prove to the world
that you have lots of "friends."
4. Create a second Facebook account to add more random people.
5. Post statements and photos of the stuff you have or recently bought to remind others of the things that they lack.
6. Upload a photo album consisting of a hundred plus pictures of your recent vacation...which nobody will look at.
7. Post about a recent bad experience  (i.e. a heartbreak, a lover's quarrel, a bad day, the smelly guy in the metro rail)  in the attempt to get public sympathy.
8. Use a profile photo wherein you're wearing next to nothing to convince people that you are hot.
9. Post photos of yourself on the beach wearing Bench briefs (Pinoys only) instead real swimming trunks or boardshorts, because you are such a studly catch in your colorful brief huh?.. Yes you are... Yes you are!
10. Quote phrases from the Bible to make people believe that you're a good person.
11. copy/paste a Hallmark greeting card quotable quote to match your emotion for that time. I.E. a heartbreak, a bitter separation, matters of the heart, a new lover.   
12. Post even more photos of yourself for stalkers to steal and use in other websites.
13. Update your status every 15 minutes to prove to the world that you have no life.
14. "Poke" people to death instead of sending actual messages.
15. Add random people in your  list and not communicate with them....ever.
16. Reject friend requests from ugly people thus destroying their self-confidence. Only accept the good looking ones.
17. Post vague statements (i.e. *sigh*  or i'm feeling...never mind, or hay buhay... or kaasar) to attract attention...you attention whore you...
18. TyP3 L@yk d!z to attract a league of jejemons.
19. Press the thumbs up button on your own status and statements.
20. Post a photo of a bag, shoes, calculator, panties, eggplants, miley cyrus, justin bieber whatever and then tag your friends to it...much to their dismay.
21. Constantly invite people to join you in Farmville and other FB games to annoy them.
22. Ask people to try an imaginary application that will allow you to see the people who viewed your profile.
23. Post the location and map of the place you've just checked in to make you look cool, and for stalkers to locate you, and for other people to avoid you.
24. Embed videos that will not play in FaceBook.
25. Post videos of Charice, any barely half-Pinoy Hollywood celebs who cannot even converse fluently in any Filipino language, beauty pageants, and so forth and so on, and then shout out to the world "Proud to be Pinoy!" because Filipinos are so easily proud of the least important matters and they choose to ignore the bigger mess going on in their country.

Oh Facebook, what shall one do...or won't do without you. LOL! :-)

A few days ago. I was checking my blog and noticed that there was a visitor from Chino Hills, CA
on my live traffic feed. Reminds me of someone :-) I'll never forget ADP.

09 May 2011

High 5

Throughout the smiles and tears we shed,
through the anger and laughters that followed,
it's amazing how our journey continues to be long
and sometimes difficult,
and yet wonderfully rewarding at the same time.

Whoever thought that two people who only met online, trying to mend their broken hearts
would eventually come together in real life and last this long?
Happy 5 years to both of us.
May our journey together through life be as long and colorful
as it possibly can....

...and as long as you keep serving
me with your delicious food, we'll be OK. LOL! ;-p
Masungit ako 'pag gutom eh. Hehehe!

04 May 2011


Yes, stomach still needs some work. No, I'm not aiming to have 6-pack abs. I just want to tone my bod again. Whenever I watch my YouTube videos particularly the oldest ones, I feel ashamed of myself for letting my tummy inflate. LOL! Medyo lumobo eh.
I think my biggest mistake wasn't really the food I was having (food was only the small part of the equation) but my motivation for working out. These last few months, my motivation wasn't to maintain my physical fitness, I've stupidly placed unnecessary pressure on myself because I wanted to look good for other people, people who aren't even important in my life. As a result, working out felt like a chore, I didn't enjoy it, and I became lazy doing it. Mid-life crisis I guess.
I started going to the gym when I was in my late 20s. Back then, my main and only goal was to be fit so that I'll be less sickly. I wasn't concerned about other's opinions whether they liked my body or not which is probably why I enjoyed working out and why I've gotten good results out of my workouts.

Anyway, I've already come to terms with myself. I've accepted the fact that with age comes physical changes that I have to adapt to. My metablolism isn't as high as it used to be so I have to balance what I eat. I'm a lot happier and relaxed now when I workout. I'm not conscious about the opinions of others anymore, especially with the way I look. I already have partner who loves and accepts me and gets horny whenever I take my clothes off. LOL! Hahaha!  
I've had my share of "the scene", time to let the younger ones have a piece of it. 
Maybe I can mentor them. LOL! :-) 
It's so hot! Summer is in full swing. I'm glad I live here in the province, far away from the
scorching heat of the city.
It's sooo hot! It's probably too hot to even have sex. LOL! Sex talk na naman? Haha!
Oh no! I can't believe I've just said that. Please allow me to correct my previous statement. 
It's never too hot to have sex, especially if it's with a hottie hot stud! Haha!
Have a wonderful and hopefully less sweaty summer day, unless...you're having sex. LOL! :-)