09 May 2011

High 5

Throughout the smiles and tears we shed,
through the anger and laughters that followed,
it's amazing how our journey continues to be long
and sometimes difficult,
and yet wonderfully rewarding at the same time.

Whoever thought that two people who only met online, trying to mend their broken hearts
would eventually come together in real life and last this long?
Happy 5 years to both of us.
May our journey together through life be as long and colorful
as it possibly can....

...and as long as you keep serving
me with your delicious food, we'll be OK. LOL! ;-p
Masungit ako 'pag gutom eh. Hehehe!


Nimmy said...

Awwwww. Happy for you guys! My partner and I will also be celebrating our fifth this month :)

ram said...

e di PAPAKAININ kita,choz,hehehe

robert said...

my good wishes to both of you.just don't stop adding sweets and spices to your relationship,i'm sure you'll go a long way.congratulations! i'm happy for the both of you.keep loving,be honest and make God the center of your relationship.good luck!

rye said...

aww...sweetie...i never thought...XOXOX...

Anonymous said...

Dear Rey and Ryan,

Best Wishes! I am very happy for both of you, and may you have many more happy days together :-)

Best regards,


Toyo said...

di ba bawal ka magcomment dito kasi tinatakot mo kakaunting readers ko. antipatiko ;-)
next month hiwalay na tayo.
hahaha! wag mo ko kurutin! mwah! mwah! lol!

thank you! take care always :-)

terry said...

and may you stay happy forever and a day.

allan540 said...

i love it... congratulations guys

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both and may your union continue to be happy.

Anonymous said...

how come everybody has that sando ? oh well i like the color hehehe congrats on both of you.. your my idol rey!

Toyo said...

thanks for all the comments.

Anonymous said...

kainggit...btw, ako rin masungit pag gutom