22 May 2011


Recently got an email from a long-time blog reader requesting if I could post pics of myself during my teens. He's curious to see what I looked like.
Well...request granted. I apologize for the haircut. LOL! ;-)
Keep in mind that I spent my teens in the late 80s up to the early 90s. I was born in 1975.

Who would have thought that a kid who had spent 7 years of elementary education and 4 years of high school, in a school run by strict Catholic nuns would turn up to be the blogger that you are currently browsing right now. Haha! Lagot ako sa mga madre. LOL!
This is why I do not intend to attend any more reunions.
I didn't enjoy high school anyway. High school's only saving grace was my crush!
High school crush, I love ya! LOL!
Hindi ka mawawala dito sa aking puso't damdamin. Naks!
Bakit hindi mo ko pinapansin noon? Bakit??!!! Sipain kita diyan eh. Hehe!
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Bye! Bye! :-)


Anonymous said...

the smile @ 16 and especially that stare @ 19 is very toyo.
i've seen that stare in your previous photos.
i love your eyes.

Anonymous said...

You looked very different then. Maybe it was the hair or because you were skinnier. Or maybe because you were more innocent:-)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

I am from Bulacan din, studied in a school run by nuns, itago na lang natin sa pangalang La Consolacion. hahaha!

ram said...

sooo cuutttttteeeeeeee!

kyle said...

pang that's entertainment ang dating. hehe!
knew it was you, the eyes and brows gave it away Ü

Toyo said...

thanks for all the comments & compliments :-)
yup i was a skinny kid back then and i miss my thick hair. hahaha!

sa st. paul bocaue ako nag-aral.
napakastrikto nila dati, ewan ko lang ngayon.

that's entertainment??!! nyek!
wag ka mag-alala mag audition nalang ako sa walang tulugan. lol!

someone said...

and who would have thought that the same kid from a strict catholic school would turn out to have such a beautiful loving heart and whose blog i'm still browsing now.

Toyo said...

thank you :-)