04 October 2011


♫ laughing myself to sleep...
...waking up lonely
Just testing my phone's forward facing camera.
Contemplating on the fact that I'm...getting old and I'm...still shirtless ;-)

Someone disappointed me recently. He befriended me but it seems that he had ulterior motives.
If he wanted us to become friends with benefits then he should have made it clear in the first place, and he shouldn't have built a friendship anymore because once I consider someone a real friend, all sexual attraction goes out the door.
Bahala siya sa buhay niya. Hehehe!
Anyway, there are other men out there that I am genuinely friends with
and there are other men out there that I am friends with benefits with too. Hehe! In fact, I'm going to text one of them "beneficial" hotties now. LOL!
Kidding! Have to ask permission from my partner/Commander Ryan first or else his wicked witch Elphaba Thropp side might suddenly appear. Oh no! ;-)
Pag di kasi ako nagpaalam baka magalit at magtransform siya into a Bella Flores, Celia Rodriguez hybrid, with a dash of Cherie Gil. Haha! 
Sometimes I tease Ryan telling him that I dreamt that he was gorgeous woman.
He replied; "Of course I'll be gorgeous if I was a woman although I DO NOT want to be a woman."
I then added; "Babe, in my dream you had a sexy body with some nice buns and big boobs BUT you retained your masculine voice and you had a dick and a horizontal vagina and we made lots of baby hybrids."
 He ended up screaming "Sweetie, you're disgusting! Dugyot ka talaga!" Hahaha!
I enjoy teasing him. It's one of my hobbies. Pikon. LOL! ;-)

Leona Lewis - Collide

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My only internet accounts are my Blogspot, YouTube, Facebook, BlipTV, Twitter PlanetRomeo, and MyDogspace. I'm not active in Twitter, and MyDogspace though.


Anonymous said...

yummy daddy •_•

Anonymous said...

ang sarap mo naman papa rey.alam mo,mahirap talagang makahanap ng true friend.so be cautious.it take years,not days,not weeks.not months to really know a person.and always remember that there really is no such thing as perfect friendship. lahat naman kasi tayo may kahinaan.kung tanggap mo ang kahinaan niya,then magki-click kayo.love,respect and acceptance is the key words to real friendship.
again,ang sarap mong papakin.mwahhhh.umpph.

ram said...


Anonymous said...

1st time reading ur blog
sarap mo naman.
nice arm pit <3

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)

an innocent friend said...

the only risk of being your friend is absolute total love, passion and unlimited unbound horizontal ecstasy!

everything else is just fine.

greg said...

Kapag nagkaroon ka ng pneumonia kakapictorial mo ng shirtless, I wouldn't mind doing a house-call! Hahaha...


Toyo said...

@ innocent friend
do you happen to be one of my "friendly" benefits? kidding ;-)

@ doc greg
you are free to do whatever diagnosis you want as long as it won't involve any injections...literally and figuratively speaking. hehehe!

greg said...

In my clinic, there's a jar wherein I keep the treats for my good and well behaved patients.
So what order would you prefer... would you like injection first, then comes the lollipop OR lollipop first before injection? Hahaha...

Anonymous said...

gwapo na, baskog pa ^_^
do you have a lifeout account?

Toyo said...

thanks for the comments :-)
no, i do not have a lifeout account.

Anonymous said...

love and friendship should remain unconditional and transparent regardless of the situation.

just my thoughts...