14 March 2018

The Prettiest of Them All

It's pageant season in the Philippines.
Pageants for some reason, are quite popular in this country.
It's like a national pastime along with boxing and basketball.
Here are the ladies competing in Binibining Pilipinas (Ms. Philippines) 2018,
which happens to be the "grandmama" of all pageants here in the Philippines. 

There are a lot of beautiful women competing.
I think #20 is really pretty.
#38 is also beautiful.
So, who is your bet for the "Universe?" 
Best of luck to all the ladies 😊

16 December 2017


Haven't done one of these in ages.
The last countdown I made was way back in 2013 
featuring movie theme songs from the 80s.
This time around we are visiting the 90s.
Not really my favorite decade, but at least it had some great movies and songs.

The video features a medley of 25 movie theme songs
starting with the upbeat and then transitioning to ballads & love songs.
Do you agree with my top 10?
Have a wonderful time listening & reminiscing 😊

18 November 2017


Just wanted to say "Hello!" 
I was supposed to publish this last month, but I forgot to do so.
Your blogger is getting old ya know?! 😅

I had my driver's license renewed first week of October.
The total amount I paid was 727.26 pesos ($14) which included a late penalty fee of 75 pesos.
My license expired last week of September 😛
As I had expected, i.d. cards weren't available.
The receipt will serve as my license for the time being.
This problem (shortage of driver's license i.d. cards) has been going on for almost 2 years if I'm not mistaken.
One of the employees at the LTO (Land Transportation Office) told me to return on the 24th of November to follow up on my license.
Crossing my fingers that my i.d. will be available by that time.  

This also happened to me last month.
Yup! It looks disgusting. It was painful as well.
I had a zit on my scalp. I popped it. It got bigger the day after which as I was brushing my hair, accidentally hit with my brush. Ouch!
I had just finished cleaning it with an antiseptic solution when the photo was
taken, hence the brown color on my scalp 😖

It took a week for the wound to close and heal.
Darn zit! 
I think it's time for me change my shampoo 😄
Have a wonderful day.

17 September 2017


Bored, old and....hungry. LOL!
Been a while since I last blogged huh?
Yup! I love that song too. Who doesn't? 😊

Yes, I am addicted to video games.
Been hooked on it since I was 13.
Here are some of the consoles I own.
Missing is the Sega Megadrive which I've given to my nephews when I
moved on to my very first Playstation.

And here are the current games that are keeping me from going out
of my house especially on weekends. Hehe! 😋

If you love video games, we will certainly get along very well.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Have a wonderful day!!!😊

16 March 2017


When sleep evades me.....again 😏
Did this a few nights ago.
Found it difficult to sleep, so instead of getting frustrated, I dubbed! LOL! 

It has been a while since my last blog.
I've been busy during the last couple of months.
So if anyone is still reading my blog, I want to greet you a
wonderful day! 😊

18 October 2016

Another Project

Another home improvement project.

Decided to enclose my garage because I've had enough of the rain getting my vehicle wet.

 This country has one of the most trying weather and climate.
 If it isn't super hot and humid, it's raining.

It rains 8 months a year. Torrential rains. Thunderstorms. Typhoons. Geesh!

At first I thought of purchasing new motorized garage doors but
my iron gate is still in good condition and I didn't want it to go to waste.

Installed analok sliding windows on the side of the garage.

 Polycarbonate sheets on the panels above the windows. 

Polycarbonate sheets on the gate to keep the dust and rain away, and for privacy as well.

A new coat of paint on the gate and it's finished!

What's next? 
My fence, but I'll do it once the monsoon season is over.
Have a wonderful day :-)

26 June 2016


I'm almost done with the interior repainting of my home, the final area which is the master bedroom.
It should have been finished months ago but I had to let go of my painter for a period of time so he can repaint a family member's house that was in dire need of a refresh.

Master bedroom is split in half.
This is the area currently being worked on.
This half serves as my home office. 

I've chosen the color powder blue. It's like a mix of gray and blue. Not too bright/light.
Much calmer. More soothing.
Pardon the mess. They're part of the process :-)

The room's color back in 2003.
Very juvenile.
Time flew by so fast.

Speaking of time flying by, I saw this photo in a very old USB stick I found while I was boxing my stuff. 
A photocopy of my old driver's license.

 I'm only 171 cm around 5'7" tall.
Why am I not tall? Is it because I seldom drank milk when I was kid?
But I'm lactose intolerant. Ewww!
 Huhuhu! I wish I was at least 180 cm. Here I go again.
Oh fairy gaymother, please grant my wish. Hehe!
51 kg. So skinny back then.
If I went back in time, my 2002 version will most likely find it difficult to recognize me ;-)

04 May 2016


The heat wave is becoming unbearable.
Imagine enduring temperatures of 36 degrees and above, and heat indexes of 39 to 40+ degrees Celsius which is about 100+ degrees Fahrenheit. Gosh!
I didn't want to immediately turn on the air conditioner when I got home so I decided to take a late afternoon drive around town.

I stopped by my old high school building which apparently has been turned into a university extension.
I haven't visited it in a very very very loooooong time.
I'm pleased to see the acacia tree still standing.
The parking lot used to be unpaved when I was still studying there.
Now it's so neat and orderly.

The building looks so old.....because it is old! 
It's "ancient." LOL!
They have air conditioners now?
Back in the day, the rooms only have a limited number of electric fans. 
Some of us even brought and used hand fans to deal with the heat.
Sosyal may aircon na sila. Dati nag-aagawan pa kami sa electric fan.
Nagbabaon pa nga ako ng pamaypay eh. Hehe!

Right across the former high school building stands what used to be the elementary school building which has been turned into the parish church's living quarters/office.
I didn't go inside because there were people giving me stares while I was taking pictures.
The school transferred its elementary and high school departments to a different district during the mid 1990s by the way.

Right beside what used to be the elementary school building is the parish church.
(St. Martin of Tours Parish church)

The school I went to is a very religious catholic school. 
A mass is always held every first Friday of the month and during important dates in the catholic calendar which students are required to attend.

When I was a kid, I used to hang around this monument after school with my classmates having "merienda" while waiting for the family driver to pick me up. Oh the memories.

The sun is finally setting.
 Time for me to head out before the gates are closed.
Have a nice day :-)

23 April 2016


Delicious "addiction" LOL!
I'm addicted to video games.
I'm addicted to anime.
I used to be addicted to umm..."love" ;-)
Now I'm just addicted to chips. Oh no!
Time to raid the pantry. Haha.
Fret not. I only have some on weekends. Sundays to be exact.
I am craving chicharon chips at the moment with some vinegar to dip it in, and a cold glass of Coca Cola to wash it down my tummy. Hehehe.
Yum yum! 
Have a nice day!

I made this quite some time ago. Before I had my home repainted
Forgot to upload it because I was busy :-)

31 March 2016

Nighty night!

 ...lonely is the night... 
Just another warm, quiet evening in a sleepy provincial town.

Summer has already begun here in the country.
Not particularly fond of the heat but I'd definitely prefer it  over the monsoon.
I hate dealing with torrential rains, typhoons, and floods. 

Have a wonderful summer to everyone :-)

22 February 2016



Had my casual dining area, and my kitchen's prep and wash areas totally repainted.
Walls, ceilings, doors and cabinets, all painted.

The walls used to be white, the cabinets green, and the baseboards and crown moldings were green as well.
I replaced them with neutral colors.

If the partition between the casual dining area and the kitchen was mere drywall, I would have had it removed.
But just like most homes here in the Philippines, it's concrete.
It will be too much work and noise and dust if I had it removed
and I'm not ready to be stressed by that.

I would like to replace the countertop and backsplash in the future.
They're already dated. 12 years to be exact.
I want a slate countertop, white subway tiles for the backsplash and a farm sink as well.
Time to save some dinero :-)

Forgive the mess.
We're still in the process of cleaning.

The next home reno project is my hallway.
I'm merely continuing the same color palette of my receiving area.
The ceiling is going to be black and the crown moldings will be white.
The walls be a neutral gray and the baseboards will be white.

I'm loving the change.
It looks more modern now.
Have a nice day :-)


Here's an updated photo
Don't know what to do with that large cabinet.
It belongs to someone who used to live with me.
It's quite large.
I'll probably have my carpenter disassemble it.