13 December 2006

Celebrity Look-alike??!!

I got this idea from Chris' Blog.
Interesting results. Hehehe! :-)

14 November 2006

Gay Life 2: Love

The video was shot in the condominium building where Ryan lives. This is the result of having too much free time on a weekend. Drama namin no? Hehe! ;-)

18 October 2006

Fruitcake ;-)

Sabi ng mga friends ko, “Wow pare! Pumuputi ka ha!” Sabi ko, “Eh di magpapaya na rin kayo. Sikreto ng mga guwapo.” Hehehe!

While we are on the subject of fruits, I think that avocados are some of the funkiest fruits I’ve ever encountered. I feel weird eating one, not because of its taste. It tastes fine. It’s the smell of the fruit that makes me feel umm…”uncomfortable.”
Do I dare say what in my opinion the smell of avocado is like? Ok! Ok! We’re all adults here anyway. I don’t like eating avocados because they smell like umm…cum. Eww! There! I finally said it! I finally got it out of my system. Avocados smell like the milk of human kindness. Haha! I asked several people if they agreed with me and they just laughed. They said it’s not avocado but “Zonrox” that smells like man juice. Hahaha! I semi-agree with the “zonrox” thing though. Hehe! Thank you for taking the time to read my very unusual yet highly "informative" latest posting. Hoping for your kind consideration. The End.

Yes, I’m sick! I’m Toyo! ;-)

01 October 2006

Bohol 2006

A short video clip of my recent vacation in the province of Bohol, here in the Philippines. It was an advanced birthday gift to me by a dear family friend. Usually, once I’ve vacationed at a certain place I wouldn’t be interested to go back anymore because I would move on & try other places I've never been to, but Bohol is such a beautiful place I wouldn’t mind returning in the future. The people are friendly (Bohol Beach Club), the place is calm & is still unspoiled and not overly commercialized.
Umm…please forgive the interpretative dance showdown I did with my sister. She's going to kill me!!! Oh no!!! Hehehe! :-)
I need to get back in-shape. I'm too lazy these days kasi ;-)

ore of my vids at http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=toyo925

06 September 2006


A certain person who shall remain anonymous always tells me that I should wear my hair up/spiked. I’m too lazy to style my hair and I don’t like putting on hair gel though. Just this once, I’ll sport a spiked/anime hairstyle. I just got out of the shower. It’s hot in the Philippines you know? I hope that “anonymous” person is happy now ;-) Masaya ka na? I don't wanna smile in the pics because I just ate some chocolates. Hehe!

I don’t like my bod. I want to be more muscular & bigger & bigger like umm..Batista! Hehe! My annoying sinusitis is back. I’m on meds again. Boo! hu! hu! Kawawa naman ako. Nobody's taking care of me. Wala pong nag-aalaga sa akin. Boo hu! hu! :-(

09 August 2006


I love playing survivor-horror themed video games. I'm especially fond of the Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Fatal Frame series. This video is my tribute to those games that are a delight to play. Just finished playing Resident Evil 4 & I can't wait for Resident Evil 5 either for the Playstation 3 or XBox 360. I shot this all in my house. Now my nephews are afraid to spend the night there after seeing the vid :-)

more of my vids at http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=toyo925

16 July 2006

Road To Recovery

I have been on medication for more than a month now because of my annoying sinus condition. I hate it! I always feel lethargic and I lost weight because of the meds especially during week 2 of my treatment. I had to take a combination of antihistamines and antibiotics. Here’s how my treatment went.
Week 1: prednisone 5mg tablets 3x/day, & an antibiotic capsule (forgot the name) per day
Week 2: celestamine 5mg tablets 2x/day, & 500mg ceporex (antibiotic capsule) 3x per day
Week 3 & 4: 1 lorano tablet per day. i had an allergic reaction to this med. i got zits :-(
Week 5: One 500mg sumapen antibiotic capsule per day.

I’m scheduled to visit the E.N.T. doctor next week. The doctor told me during my last visit that my sinus has already improved. He told me to not use nasal decongestant sprays anymore because that was what made my sinus sick in the first place. I have used nasal sprays for my sinusitis for a long time that my sinus has become “dependent” on it to function “normally.” It was my fault. I’m guilty. I got concerned during my first check-up when he (doc) told me to have it (sinus) x-rayed. Fortunately, the results were negative. I hate going to hospitals. All hospitals (public & private, rich & poor) have that distinct “smell” that I’m not fond of. Below are photos of my x-ray and evaluation report. I erased my last name and the location of the hospital because I don’t want the whole world to find out where I live. People who don't like me & my blog might stalk me or something. Hehehe! Click the pics to enlarge.

17 June 2006


I can't believe I'm already in my 30s. I'm amused at how I have physically changed over the years. I mean if I went back in time, my past self wouldn't probably have an idea of who I am :-) I hope I age well. I'm certainly no "kid" anymore although some people still treat me like one. I am not a kid. I'm already old enough to have a kid of my own if I wanted to...but I don't. I don't have any intentions of having a kid of my own. High maintenance. LOL!

07 June 2006


Whenever first-time blog readers (particularly Pinoys/Filipinos) of mine send me an email, they always comment on how they thought that I was “brave” for being quite open about my life, particularly about me being gay. I don’t actually consider it as “bravery,” I am just being myself. They (usually the younger Pinoys) also ask me for my input, advice or opinions on how to “come out” and this is often my reply:
“Live your life in a manner that best suits you. Whether you are in or out of the closet is not really that important anymore. What is important is you have accepted who you really are and you try live a decent & productive life in which you don't intentionally step on other people's feet in order to reach your goals and personal happiness. Because in the end, a person will not really be remembered for being gay or straight but by the way he/she has lived his/her life and the positive influence it had on the people around him/her.”
However, I would still prefer to be “out” at least to people who are important in my life (doesn't have to be the whole world) and I already explained why in one of my blog entries :-)


10 May 2006

No Worries: Filipino Version

I edited the video my friend made for me. I replaced the original song to make it much more Filipino/Pinoy because I'm not ashamed nor am I afraid to be gay Pinoy man. And if people can't accept me for who I am (and there were people who couldn't accept me because of my sexuality) then it's not my problem anymore. "Tuloy pa rin ang buhay ko." My world will still continue to turn. Life still goes on for me :-)

To my blog readers who constantly email me asking for a new vid, I'll make a new one before the end of the month. I already have a "storyline." I'll be introducing someone in my next vid ;-). The working title of my next vid is....Toying with Toyo. Haha! Just kidding! By the way, I just finsihed updating my music page

30 April 2006

A Prized Possession

Yes, this is an original Voltes V toy. A friend of mine told me that this toy is a collector's item now. My tatay/father bought it as a birthday gift and as a reward for me for getting good grades in school. I was in 4th or 5th grade I think when I got this toy. I was supposed to buy it with my own money but my savings weren't enough so my father who I guessed felt sorry for me decided to buy it anyway. I love you tatay! :-) This toy is made more of metal than plastic. I only have one laser sword left and it's hard to fit Bomber 2 into Panzer 3. I don't want to force it because I don't want to break it. Voltes V is a very popular cartoon here in the Philippines. It's still popular now even if it was first aired in the 70s. Sana binili ko rin si Daimos! Mas guwapo si Daimos :-(


Some of my blog readers are requesting new videos from me. I'm still quite busy to do one & I'm also thinking of a story or concept for the new vid. I'll make a new video for my blog before the month of May ends & I think I won't be alone in my next vid. Hehe! ;-)

09 April 2006

Infatuation 2006

I used to have 10 top crushes. I narrowed them down to five. E.C. (not a celebrity) is still my numero uno crush. Unfortunately E.C. is straight & married :-( Sana may twin siya. Haha! Rick Yune is 2nd place. Ricky is 3rd. Tommy Page (my crush since my teen years) is 4th. Nate is 5th. He's last on the list because he doesn't look like a bad boy nor can he sing. Nevertheless, he's still hot hot hot! He's always welcome to decorate my home anytime. He can even sleep over. Yeah right...keep on dreaming Toyo :-) FYI I'm not a bad boy. I might seem loko loko but I'm not. Hindi po talaga. Maniwala kayo. Kasi tinutukso ako ng isang "boi" na bad boy daw ako :-( Ayaw niyang maniwala na I'm an "innocent" (oops! biglang kumulog hehe) and semi-demure probinsyano. Semi lang kasi may pictures ako dito na shirtless. Haha!


I saw my high school crush (not E.C.) yesterday.
Ang laki na ng tiyan niya tapos may receding hairline pa :-(

31 March 2006

No Worries

Self-expression. My friend was hanging around in my house (my humble gym/storage room to be exact) some weeks ago and he shot some clips of me working out which he turned into this video as a gift for my blog's 1 year anniversary :-) The video is kinda dark because it was shot at night time.

direct video link http://youtube.com/watch?v=6YdwXjCgdNY

22 March 2006

Life Goes On

I realized that it's about time that I finally moved on with my life. It would be emotionally & physically unhealthy for me to continue dwelling in the past. I recently placed an ad at a matchmaking site. I hope I'll be able to make good friends if someone answered it :-) This is one of the photos I placed in my profile. Most of the men there have photos that are shirtless so...I decided to jump on the bandwagon too. Hehe! Some of them have great fit bodies with washboard abs and chiseled chests. Kinda makes me feel a little insecure. Noticed that my blog's avatar is also shirtless nowadays? Ummm...it's because it's summer here. Mainit! It's too freaking hot. It's soo hot here in my country that this is actually what I "wear" (or not wear) going to the office, to the mall, and to the church....the church of disco. Just kidding! :-)

18 March 2006

Decisions! Decisions!

A vid i made around november 2005. It was only now that i was able to edit it. In the video, I was having difficulties picking the clothes to a certain place I want to "come" Hehe! ;-) I hope my friends will not get upset at me anymore for not sending them video emails for quite some time :-) Click the play button to view the vid. The direct link is for full/larger mode.

08 March 2006

Toyo Was A Catholic Schoolboy??!! :-)

I found my old high school photo while organizing my boxes of clutter. This pic brings back memories. This is a very strict Catholic school. You're not allowed to enter school premises without wearing the proper uniform and I.D. Anyway, I love wearing any type of uniform (i.e. baseball uniform, army uniform, sailor uniform, hehe!) so no problem with me. I remember the school holding first Friday masses every first Friday of the month. Sometimes my best buddy and I would pretend that we weren't feeling well so that our teachers would excuse us from attending the mass & then send us to the school clinic. The school clinic happens to be located right next to the school cafeteria. Yummy! Haha! I also remember my adviser & teacher giving a me failing grade of 70 (an F) in Homeroom class because I wasn't able to bring flowers during the Celebration of The Holy Rosary or something :-( Regardless, I hope she's still in good health and doing well. Now my web visitors will believe me that I was once a Catholic school boi :-) I have some cute classmates huh? Click the pic to enlarge it.

High School: Sophomore Year 1989-1990

01 March 2006

Anniversaries & Coming Outs

My blog is a year old! It’s amazing how time flies. I hope people who stumble upon my web and journal are able to learn something from the entries I post here though some of them can be only trivial stuff. I’ve started blogging to find out how ready I was to finally “come out” to the public. Although it was almost 3 years ago on June 21st 2003 that I first officially came out to one of my sisters. I was sick and tired of hiding inside the closet. I realized that if my family really loves me, they would accept me for who I really am. The closet can be a sad, limited, and lonely place to be in. Human beings are designed to be a lot of things…loneliness isn’t one of them. I didn’t want to be alone in the closet anymore. So I came out. I really didn't care about what other people would say or think. My family was & is my only concern. I first told all about it to my youngest sis (I told other family members months later). It was actually funny when it (coming out) happened.

My youngest sister didn’t really make a big deal out of it. She just gave me a kiss and a hug and told me that she’s happy for me as long as I’m happy with my life. She also told me that I should stop crying during that time because I look ugly/weird whenever I cry. She even grabbed her camera phone and took a pic of me crying to prove that I look ugly whenever I cry....and she was right! :-( Hehe! She did reprimand me because it was around 3 in the morning when I told her all about it which made me ruin her beauty sleep. Her college graduation was going to take place on that same day and she wanted to look fresh & pretty in her graduation photos. Arte talaga non! Haha! Another reason, I came out that time was because I got into a serious relationship with a very special guy (A.P.) and I wanted to introduce him to my sister. I was proud to have him as my boyfriend. Although, things between him & I didn’t turn out the way I wished it would, I hope that I was able to make him happy during the 2 years and 7 months of our relationship. All I did and ever wanted to do was to love him & be a good boyfriend to him. Time flies by so quickly. I wonder what the future holds for me and the people in my life. My little sister, my confidant.

21 February 2006

Broke & Bare

A few weeks ago I asked a friend of mine to find me a copy of the movie Brokeback Mountain but what he gave me was a porno flick Bareback Mountain instead....which was MUCH MORE satisfying to watch. Brokeback Mountain is a little depressing, I'm talking about the film's ending. I don't know why mainstream/legitimate gay movies I've gotten to watch (Brokeback, etc.) always seems to have sad endings. One of the lovers always die :-(
Anyway, Bareback Mountain is also a "touching" story (and there were lots of touching and more...hehe!) of two gay cowboys (Keith & Jack) who have to "bareback" across America in order to become the next American Porn Idols. But as our protagonists travel & bareback across the country, they'll eventually have to meet the "Big Two" rodeo kings (hunky Paulo and Brandy) whom they have to "outwit, outlast, & outbareback" along designated pit stops inorder to retrieve from them the immunity idols which they need to defeat their final nemesis...American Porn Idol judge - Simone. Simone is one sexy fag hag with diabolical plans to turn all gay men into heteros. That evil bitch!! Will Keith and Jack overcome their trials and become the next American Porn Idols? Well...I'm not gonna spoil the ending for you but the last scene of Keith and Jack on top of Bareback Mountain together with their cowboy pals makes me wanna go to our farm and become a cowboy (or is it cowboi?) too. Bottom line, (pun intended) Bareback Mountain should have at least gotten an Oscar nomination for best "milking" :-)
Brokeback Mountain VS Bareback Mountain
Brokeback Mountain VS Bareback Mountain

03 February 2006


It's February again. It's the month of love so here's a list of some of the things I just love:
I love it whenever I see my crush.
I love it whenever I buy clothes that fit me just fine.
I love it whenever I get to eat my favorite foods.
I love it whenever the plane I'm in touches the ground bec. it means I won't be getting airsick anymore.
I love it whenever I'm on the beach, the skies are clear, the waters are calm, and there are few people around.
I love it whenever I see cute lovers holding hands.
I love it whenever traffic's not heavy.
I love it whenever I meet interesting people.
I love it whenever I realize that I made the right decision.
I love it whenever I get to put a smile on other people's faces and then laugh with them.
I love it whenever I think about the people who love me.
I love it whenever I'm in-love. :-)
I love it knowing that love is free.
I've updated my music page. The new theme is The 80s.

27 January 2006

Video Blog

Since I'm quite "busy" to make individual video emails for my friends, I thought of posting my video messages in my blog. Actually, medyo tamad lang ako gumawa ng video emails. Hehe! I've placed english subtitles for viewers who can't understand filipino/tagalog. Click the direct video link under the screen to view the video in full size.

the direct video link is: http://www.youtube.com/?v=FFvrJNLhVWI

20 January 2006

My Video Diary

My very first video blog. Click the play button to watch it. :-)

01 January 2006

Happy New Year!

My friends keep asking me "whatever happened to your work-outs?" Well, I stopped for a month or so because the cold climate made me lazy. I took a webcam photo of myself "flexing" and I realized that I now have a.....CHEST! My hard work actually paid off??? Hehe. I'm already happy with the outcome. If it gets any bigger, that will be a great bonus. Now, I need to work on my stomach. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! :-)




I updated my music page in my main website. Disco and upbeat music are the themes this time around.