28 December 2011

Songs of 2011

What better way to end the year than through music, right?
Here's my final video for the year.
A medley of hit songs that accompanied us through our highs and lows in the last 12 months.
2011 has not been a kind year for most of us but I'm still looking and always hoping for
a better 2012 for everyone.
Happy Holidays!
Now I feel like partying after hearing these tunes :-) 

Sounds of 2011 from Toyo on Vimeo.
I uploaded this in my new Vimeo channel. I think Vimeo is much better than YouTube actually.
YouTube has too many rules, do's and don'ts.

07 December 2011


LOL! ;-)

This is all your fault midnight snack! Grrr!!!
Yes! That's an example of my midnight snack.
Why do I love eating french fries with garlic and barbecue dips?
Why do I love eating dumplings?
Why am I eating again as I'm typing this down? Haha!
Malungkot kasi ang mundo ko 'pag gutom ;-)
My world is a sad sad place without glorious food. LOL!
Dalawang hotdogs talaga huh? Kasi hindi na ako baby! Haha! Aljur!

I'll panic once I reach 160lbs. I'm 5'7" tall so my current weight
is still umm...normal for my height.
Yeah! That's what I keep telling myself. Hahaha!
I'm addicted to french fries, my goodness! 
The holiday season is approaching,
so many delicious foods to eat. Sira ang diet. My dieting is in trouble. Oh no!!!
Anyway, since no one really inspires me at the moment to workout, nor had the fruits of my efforts to stay fit had been appreciated, I guess it's ok for me to eat and eat and eat. Haha! Wala naman akong gustong pormahan lately at wala namang pumoporma sa akin kaya ok lang. Hehehe!
But enough talk, fridge and pantry...daddy Toyo's coming to raid ya.
Time for dessert :-)
I used to be someone's dessert. There was this hot stud who used to like putting whipped cream on my chest, down to my navel, and on the tip of my....LOL!
Have a wonderful day or evening :-) 

videokeman mp3
Hungry Like the Wolf – Duran Duran 

Interested to know your ideal weight for your height? Click the link below to find out.


08 November 2011

Animé-niac 2

Took a snapshot before going out. YAWN... ZZZzzz... Still feeling sleepy in the pic ;-)
I still wanted to stay inside and dream about making steamy, passionate love with Ricky Martin but it's back to work again after the long holiday weekend. Darn it. Haha!

Anyway, last time I featured some of my favorite Japanese animated series, this time I'm posting some of my favorite American animated series.
I had nothing much to do during the very rainy weekend, so I thought of creating this compilation vid.
The 80s cartoons brought back a lot of Saturday morning childhood nostalgia :-)
Hay naku! Crush ko yang si He-Man at Conan. Loincloth lang ang suot. Easy access sa harapan at sa likuran. LOL!

Never let go of your childhood memories, especially the happy ones for they will prevent you
from becoming jaded in the complex and at times cruel world of adulthood.
Have a wonderful day :-)

26 October 2011


Major reason why I'm having a difficult time toning my
tummy back in-shape. Hehehe!

My partner is passionate about cooking and he's a good cook.
These are some of his dishes.

Upper left : Stir-fried veggies in sesame oil and oyster sauce with chicharon, chinese chorizo, quail eggs, and squid balls.
Upper right: Pan seared broiled top round steak complimented with garlic and basil gravy. I  requested the extra serving of rice. A mashed potato is just a snack for me. Hehehe!
Bakit ba?! I'm a growing boy with growing needs and I need lots of nourishment. LOL!
Lower left: Crispy pork belly. This is always a hit whenever we have someone over for dinner. The skin is so crunchy.
Lower right: Stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon. Yum! Yum!
OK! OK! So we love food, but I just want to remind everyone that in everything we do, we should do it in moderation for anything done in excess is never a good thing.
Eat well. Exercise well too.

22 October 2011


Everybody knows it's a medical fact that watching animated shows
 keeps one looking fresh and young. LOL!
Well, that's just my silly excuse for my fondness for anime/Japanese animation :-)
If cosplaying became popular here in the country during my younger years, I would
have easily joined, darnt it. Hehe!

I usually watch animes during the afternoon if there's nothing much to do in office, or while working out in the gym.
Sometimes my "nanay" (mother) would drop by the office and reprimand me telling me "What are you watching? My goodness!" LOL!
 "Anak ano ba yang pinapanood mo, ang pangit! Anlalaki pa ng mga mata" Hahaha!
Even Ryan teases me whenever he sees me watching. I just tell him "Babe, don't mess with my anime and I won't mess with your chick flick, mushy, drama dvds."
Sometimes I catch him sobbing while he's watching dramatic movies. LOL!
Basta walang pakialamanan ng palabas. Hehe!
Yup, I'm an animéniac.
Keeps me young...at heart ;-)

04 October 2011


♫ laughing myself to sleep...
...waking up lonely
Just testing my phone's forward facing camera.
Contemplating on the fact that I'm...getting old and I'm...still shirtless ;-)

Someone disappointed me recently. He befriended me but it seems that he had ulterior motives.
If he wanted us to become friends with benefits then he should have made it clear in the first place, and he shouldn't have built a friendship anymore because once I consider someone a real friend, all sexual attraction goes out the door.
Bahala siya sa buhay niya. Hehehe!
Anyway, there are other men out there that I am genuinely friends with
and there are other men out there that I am friends with benefits with too. Hehe! In fact, I'm going to text one of them "beneficial" hotties now. LOL!
Kidding! Have to ask permission from my partner/Commander Ryan first or else his wicked witch Elphaba Thropp side might suddenly appear. Oh no! ;-)
Pag di kasi ako nagpaalam baka magalit at magtransform siya into a Bella Flores, Celia Rodriguez hybrid, with a dash of Cherie Gil. Haha! 
Sometimes I tease Ryan telling him that I dreamt that he was gorgeous woman.
He replied; "Of course I'll be gorgeous if I was a woman although I DO NOT want to be a woman."
I then added; "Babe, in my dream you had a sexy body with some nice buns and big boobs BUT you retained your masculine voice and you had a dick and a horizontal vagina and we made lots of baby hybrids."
 He ended up screaming "Sweetie, you're disgusting! Dugyot ka talaga!" Hahaha!
I enjoy teasing him. It's one of my hobbies. Pikon. LOL! ;-)

Leona Lewis - Collide

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I do not have any Manjam, Lifeout, Dudesnudes, Xtube accounts.
My only internet accounts are my Blogspot, YouTube, Facebook, BlipTV, Twitter PlanetRomeo, and MyDogspace. I'm not active in Twitter, and MyDogspace though.

23 September 2011

Infatuation 2011

It's that time of the year again in which I'm going to name the men who
have/had captured my attention...and obsession. LOL!
This time around, we are going "retro" and all-Filipino. Filipinos after all, are some
of the yummiest men in the world.
I also mentioned the word "retro" because these hotties used to do
sexy local movies way back in the mid 1990s up to the early 2000s
when sexy R-rated movies dominated the local film industry.

5th spot goes to Anton Bernardo. He did frontal scenes back in the day, and that is because he certainly has nothing to hide nor be ashamed of. Hehehe!
In 4th place is Leonardo Litton. I like his boy-next-door look...that is until he takes off his clothes in which case you'll like him even better. Yes, he has big package too. LOL!
3rd is Carlos Morales. He has the best body in the bunch. I have a major crush on him. I still do. Very manly looking. Bruskong brusko :-)
2nd place is JC Castro. A model and actor, I think he's one of the sexiest and handsome men during his time. I like his face, especially the eyes.
And the No. 1 spot goes to, Gardo Versoza. He was such a hottie back in the 90s. He's still hot now, but he was sizzlin' during his younger years.
What I like most about him is his dark / "moreno"  skin tone. Very sexy. Naseseksihan talaga ako sa mga moreno. He's the original "Machete", a film about a wooden statue that comes to life...and yes the wooden statue is believed to have the biggest and hardest woody of them all. Hehe!
Gardo is the only one who is still active in showbiz.
He's still hot for his age, a hot daddy :-)
I'm curious as to how the others are doing. Did the others age gracefully? I wonder....
I wish I could have fun with any of them tonight. Hehe!
Pero one at a time lang ha, tulad nila nagkaka edad na rin ako. LOL!

06 September 2011


Bilang paggunita sa Linggo ng Wika at bilang tugon na rin sa mga taong lumiham at pumuna na puros banyagang mga kanta na lamang ang aking ginawan ng bidyo, ibinabahagi ko po sa inyo ngayon ang mga natatanging Pilipinong awitin na alam kong iyong kagigiliwan pakinggan.
Maraming salamat po. Mwah! Hehehe! ;-P
I am presenting 30 OPM Songs (Original Pilipino Music) in observance of the Filipino Language Week and as a response to a few people who emailed me requesting to do a countdown of local music. Magpakamasa naman daw ako. I love Tagalog songs too, ok? So please no more emails criticizing me for featuring Western music in the past.
Yan ha. Masang masa na yan. Kulang na lang beer and karaoke. Hehe!
Honestly, some of them may be cheesy but I like these songs.
Call it a guilty pleasure.
It's just sad that majority of Filipino singers today mostly sing covers of Western songs, and
revivals. Originality is becoming rare.
 Anyway, have a nice day and happy listening :-)

02 September 2011


Just wanted to say "hi!" :-)
Goofing around and testing my iPhone's forward facing camera.
This is an emotional breakdown caused by sudden breakouts. Hehehe!

I just woke up when I recorded this last weekend.
Not a pretty sight huh? Haha!
I told ya guys you'd hate me in the morning. LOL!
Yeah! I loathe zits ;-p

22 August 2011


Ryan gave a me a copy of the pilot episode (which he downloaded) of what could've been the 2011 TV series of Wonder Woman.
I have to admit that the script/plot was very weak. No wonder (pun intented LOL!) that it was never picked up by the networks in the US. Diana doesn't even spin if she wants to transform into Wonder Woman and her Invisible Jet isn't invisible at all. It's not even a jet. Grrr!!
I usually do not make fan videos but since I am a fan of Wonder Woman (especially the theme song), I made a little tribute for the series that could have been.

By the way, I just want to say that the lead actress is quite pretty, and wonderfully tall even if she's not wearing heels.
I wish I was tall. I wish I was at least 5'11" or 5'10"
I'm only 5'7" Huhuhu! :-( I'm vertically challenged. LOL!
Anyway, as the saying goes, "what some men lack in height, they make up in other umm...areas" Hehehe!
Enjoy the clip :-)

25 July 2011


My gym. My sanctuary. A place to retreat to escape stress.
Hay naku ang daming kong problema lately.
Anyway, nice to be able to workout again after a 3-week absence.
The good thing about working out in your home is that, you do not need to worry about how you look like, what you're wearing, etc.
For instance, the shirt I'm wearing in the pic is quite old. Years old actually. May butas na nga eh :-) It even has a small hole/tore already, but since I workout at home I don't have to be too concerned about it :-)

You also need not wait in line to be able to use basic equipments like the weights for example nor do you have to deal with egomaniacal beefcakes who spend more time staring at themselves in front of the mirror than actually working out.
The downside? It can get a little boring and "uninspiring" when you're alone, and
there aren't cute men around to motivate you to workout more. Hehehe. 

Yeah! I still need to work on my tummy :-)
If you want the full monty version of the pic, you can catch it at the Guys with iPhones site. LOL!
Kidding! Kidding! I do not have pics there.
Kakaconscious. I think the site is for muscular men only.

20 July 2011

I ♥ Disney

Wasn't feeling well for the last couple of weeks.
I had a sore throat, which was followed by a cold and then a barking cough.
Whenever I got home, I was feeling too lethargic from the meds. The time I should be spending working out late in the afternoon in the gym was spent watching movies instead.

I chose Disney flicks bec. of their feel-good stories, and here's a little montage I
made of some of my favorite Disney animated movies.
These are the non-computer animated ones ok? Enjoy :-)

06 July 2011


♫ You make me happy when skies are grey ♪ :-) 
My best bud, Enzo through the years & he really does make me happy.
My stress, my temper, my bad day...they all go away once I see that face
and rub my hands on that cute wrinkly bod. LOL! :-)

He just took a bath and is enjoying his time
wanting to say woof! woof! hello! :-)

aww...."puppy eyes"
well-behaved too,
and as I've said in the past, even if some people make fun
of you, you'll always be my extraordinary best buddy. Mwah! :-)

27 June 2011


As the saying goes, whenever life throws you lemons, you make some sweet lemonades :-)

Anyway I've always been good at turning my back against negativity and "toxic" people.
Aquila non captat muscas. The eagle does not catch flies.

I'd rather focus on my dreams like umm...the dream of dating Ricky Martin. LOL!
I can dream can't I? Hehehe! :-)

15 June 2011


To shave or not to shave?
That is the question.
I've been thinking on whether to go skinhead again like the one in my pic, although my hair was already starting to grow back when this photo was taken.
Sometimes I miss being a skinhead. I didn't spend too much time in front of the mirror styling my hair back then. It was very liberating. I didn't have to spend a single cent on my haircut because I was the one shaving my hair. I have my own hair clipper :-)
Ryan and the ummm..."petpet boylets" (LOL!) also became somewhat friskier
when I was skinhead. Kaya tuloy fit na fit ako noon eh. Napapa "workout" lagi. Haha!

But a lot of people didn't like it when I was a skinhead, especially my parents.

They said that I didn't look presentable nor "formal", that I looked like a goon in a movie. Haha!
Mukha daw akong kontrabida sabi ng nanay ko. Hehehe!
My folks want my hair long like in my pic below so I'll look more "friendly"
 I told them "But I am friendly!"
 "Yes, when you're asleep" they replied.
Grrrrr! Hehehe!
Mga antipatiko! ;-)

On the downside, it was such a hassle when I already got tired of being "kalbo" (a skinhead). I had to wear a cap for a couple of weeks when I was growing my hair back. 
Oh well! Decisions! Decisions!
I know I'll be able to conquer this latest trial & tribulation and make it through this hairy situation with flying colors!
Trial and tribulation??!! Hairy situation?!! LOL! :-)
Bigat ng suliranin ko no?
Suliranin???!!!! Hehehe!
I'll just listen to some David Archuleta. He seems like the perfect petpet boylet. Haha!
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Mwah! Mwah! Babush! ;-p

22 May 2011


Recently got an email from a long-time blog reader requesting if I could post pics of myself during my teens. He's curious to see what I looked like.
Well...request granted. I apologize for the haircut. LOL! ;-)
Keep in mind that I spent my teens in the late 80s up to the early 90s. I was born in 1975.

Who would have thought that a kid who had spent 7 years of elementary education and 4 years of high school, in a school run by strict Catholic nuns would turn up to be the blogger that you are currently browsing right now. Haha! Lagot ako sa mga madre. LOL!
This is why I do not intend to attend any more reunions.
I didn't enjoy high school anyway. High school's only saving grace was my crush!
High school crush, I love ya! LOL!
Hindi ka mawawala dito sa aking puso't damdamin. Naks!
Bakit hindi mo ko pinapansin noon? Bakit??!!! Sipain kita diyan eh. Hehe!
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Bye! Bye! :-)

14 May 2011


Oh the exciting world of Facebook.
It has certainly changed the way we live our lives.

It has so many amazingly wonderful uses. You can you use it to...
1. Stalk your friends and their friends.
2. Stalk your ex and his/her friends.
3. Accept 1000+ friend invites from people you hardly or don't know at all to prove to the world
that you have lots of "friends."
4. Create a second Facebook account to add more random people.
5. Post statements and photos of the stuff you have or recently bought to remind others of the things that they lack.
6. Upload a photo album consisting of a hundred plus pictures of your recent vacation...which nobody will look at.
7. Post about a recent bad experience  (i.e. a heartbreak, a lover's quarrel, a bad day, the smelly guy in the metro rail)  in the attempt to get public sympathy.
8. Use a profile photo wherein you're wearing next to nothing to convince people that you are hot.
9. Post photos of yourself on the beach wearing Bench briefs (Pinoys only) instead real swimming trunks or boardshorts, because you are such a studly catch in your colorful brief huh?.. Yes you are... Yes you are!
10. Quote phrases from the Bible to make people believe that you're a good person.
11. copy/paste a Hallmark greeting card quotable quote to match your emotion for that time. I.E. a heartbreak, a bitter separation, matters of the heart, a new lover.   
12. Post even more photos of yourself for stalkers to steal and use in other websites.
13. Update your status every 15 minutes to prove to the world that you have no life.
14. "Poke" people to death instead of sending actual messages.
15. Add random people in your  list and not communicate with them....ever.
16. Reject friend requests from ugly people thus destroying their self-confidence. Only accept the good looking ones.
17. Post vague statements (i.e. *sigh*  or i'm feeling...never mind, or hay buhay... or kaasar) to attract attention...you attention whore you...
18. TyP3 L@yk d!z to attract a league of jejemons.
19. Press the thumbs up button on your own status and statements.
20. Post a photo of a bag, shoes, calculator, panties, eggplants, miley cyrus, justin bieber whatever and then tag your friends to it...much to their dismay.
21. Constantly invite people to join you in Farmville and other FB games to annoy them.
22. Ask people to try an imaginary application that will allow you to see the people who viewed your profile.
23. Post the location and map of the place you've just checked in to make you look cool, and for stalkers to locate you, and for other people to avoid you.
24. Embed videos that will not play in FaceBook.
25. Post videos of Charice, any barely half-Pinoy Hollywood celebs who cannot even converse fluently in any Filipino language, beauty pageants, and so forth and so on, and then shout out to the world "Proud to be Pinoy!" because Filipinos are so easily proud of the least important matters and they choose to ignore the bigger mess going on in their country.

Oh Facebook, what shall one do...or won't do without you. LOL! :-)

A few days ago. I was checking my blog and noticed that there was a visitor from Chino Hills, CA
on my live traffic feed. Reminds me of someone :-) I'll never forget ADP.

09 May 2011

High 5

Throughout the smiles and tears we shed,
through the anger and laughters that followed,
it's amazing how our journey continues to be long
and sometimes difficult,
and yet wonderfully rewarding at the same time.

Whoever thought that two people who only met online, trying to mend their broken hearts
would eventually come together in real life and last this long?
Happy 5 years to both of us.
May our journey together through life be as long and colorful
as it possibly can....

...and as long as you keep serving
me with your delicious food, we'll be OK. LOL! ;-p
Masungit ako 'pag gutom eh. Hehehe!

04 May 2011


Yes, stomach still needs some work. No, I'm not aiming to have 6-pack abs. I just want to tone my bod again. Whenever I watch my YouTube videos particularly the oldest ones, I feel ashamed of myself for letting my tummy inflate. LOL! Medyo lumobo eh.
I think my biggest mistake wasn't really the food I was having (food was only the small part of the equation) but my motivation for working out. These last few months, my motivation wasn't to maintain my physical fitness, I've stupidly placed unnecessary pressure on myself because I wanted to look good for other people, people who aren't even important in my life. As a result, working out felt like a chore, I didn't enjoy it, and I became lazy doing it. Mid-life crisis I guess.
I started going to the gym when I was in my late 20s. Back then, my main and only goal was to be fit so that I'll be less sickly. I wasn't concerned about other's opinions whether they liked my body or not which is probably why I enjoyed working out and why I've gotten good results out of my workouts.

Anyway, I've already come to terms with myself. I've accepted the fact that with age comes physical changes that I have to adapt to. My metablolism isn't as high as it used to be so I have to balance what I eat. I'm a lot happier and relaxed now when I workout. I'm not conscious about the opinions of others anymore, especially with the way I look. I already have partner who loves and accepts me and gets horny whenever I take my clothes off. LOL! Hahaha!  
I've had my share of "the scene", time to let the younger ones have a piece of it. 
Maybe I can mentor them. LOL! :-) 
It's so hot! Summer is in full swing. I'm glad I live here in the province, far away from the
scorching heat of the city.
It's sooo hot! It's probably too hot to even have sex. LOL! Sex talk na naman? Haha!
Oh no! I can't believe I've just said that. Please allow me to correct my previous statement. 
It's never too hot to have sex, especially if it's with a hottie hot stud! Haha!
Have a wonderful and hopefully less sweaty summer day, unless...you're having sex. LOL! :-)

01 April 2011

I Miss Ya ;-p

I miss my......flat tummy. Haha! 
Ano, astig ba dating? Nasa pag-eemote lang yan. LOL! ;-)
That's me around 2009.
I'm trying to get back into that physical state again as far as my waist is concerned but it's quite difficult. My waistline used to be 29 inches. Now it's around 31 inches of flabs. Oh! No!
Why???!!!! Why do I love eating......forbidden food! Haha! Bakit kaysarap ng bawal ;-p
It's so annoying that whenever I sit, I feel my stomach beginning to bulge and fold. LOL!
I know, it's part of aging (gaining a tummy), I am going to be 36 this year after all but it's still a little irritating nonetheless. 
Why do we have grow old! It's so annoying! Grrr!!! ;-)
Grabe, walang wala na sa kalendaryo ang edad ko. Kainis!

A few asked me why is it that whenever I post shirtless pics am I always in the same room.
Well, that's my personal gym at home. I sometimes take pics of myself after a workout to see whether my body is improving or not.
 The equipments aren't that expensive when I bought them years ago. It's my gift to myself. The multi-gym, weights, and bench all cost me less than P25,000 (around $600) which is about the same price as a mid-range smartphone. It's a health investment.
I'm not fond of going to commercial gyms. Too many distractions & I hate waiting in line to use weights or equipments. The treadmill is from my youngest sis. She left it when she and her husband moved in to their own home. She doesn't want to use it anymore since she's more into pilates and dancing.

By the way,some guys actually emailed me regarding my joke about umm...possible petpet boylets! LOL!
OK! OK! If anyone else is interested, a screening is gonna be held at the Quezon City Memorial Circle this Saturday at exactly 12 midnight. My assistant, the fashion czar of Masbate, Mr. Mitoy Poreno will be there with his mahiwagang measuring tape to evaluate and umm..."measure" the possible candidates. ;-)
 Applicants must be 18 years old and above and I just want to stress that anyone "measuring" below 6 inches shall be a ground for instant disqualification! Hehehe! Anyone caught wearing Bench briefs shall be imprisoned in my dungeon, and anyone claiming to be bisexual shall first have to undergo a compulsory lovemaking session with my lady assistant, former Ms. Wurrrd 2nd runner up Ms. Goofa Gutierrez to prove if he's indeed  bisexual. Haha! ;-p
However, unlike other searches, the search for Toyo's Mr. Petpet Boylet 2011 rewards candidates that have scandalous pictures and videos circling over the internet by immediately promoting them    into the semi-finals. Hehehe! Ano pa hinihintay niyo? Apply na! Bilis! Haha! Coronation night will be broadcast live this Sunday on Eh-Be-Es/Se-Be-En network. LOL!

17 March 2011


 ♪ Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite, looking forward to a little afternoon delight ♫
LOL! I wish I can have my share of some hot afternoon delights but life has become boring. It has turned into a routine of going to the office and then going home.
I'm at the very top floor of my house. It's where I usually chill at the end of the day, checking my messages & emails on my iPhone while enjoying the cool breeze and watching the sun set. Naks! :-)

I'm so bored here in the province. Kakainis! This is such a sleepy provincial town and everyone (the cute ones at least) seem to be hiding in the closet. Grrr! Why are they hiding from me? Haha! LOL!
My favorite "funbud" from Kiwi land was here a month ago. I wasn't able to meet him. I wasn't feeling well and also there's conflict in our scheds. Huhuhu! Arteng katawan 'to. Walang pakisama :-( He's the only guy that I do not need Ryan's approval to go out with because he's also good friend of ours. *sigh* *sob* *weep* Yummy pa naman ng katawan non ;-)
Anyway, I have a new umm..."prospect" LOL! Kaya lang 20 lang ang age, baka gawin akong daddy. Hahaha! Hay naku, dati ako ang twink, ngayon papa na ang tawag sa akin. Sadyang, tumatanda na po ang inyong lingkod. Inyong lingkod??!!! Haha! He's quite young though, only 20 AND he calls me daddy! Goodness! Most of the guys hitting on me lately are from the 20something age range. I'll just turn him into one of my petpet boylets. LOL! The more the merrier because sharing is caring. Haha! Kasalanan po kasi ang maging swapang at masugid po akong naniniwala sa kasabihang "sharing is caring" kaya I'm willing to share myself. LOL! Loko-loko. Lagot na naman ako kay kumander. Biro lang ummm...semi-biro lang ;-p
This has been another edition of Toyo's Way. Babush! :-)


01 March 2011

Ballads 1970-1979

I've received a number of emails requesting me to do another countdown, particularly regarding 70s music. The decade has some great music by the way, but the fashion is ummm... Hehe! Enjoy listening :-)

20 February 2011


Kamusta? That means "Hello" by the way. Back to the gym after a loooong hiatus. I got sick as I've mentioned in my previous posts. I'm showing my umm...cleavage? Uuuuyyyyy... Hahaha! The strange thing is, my muscles shrunk but my tummy grew bigger when I was recovering. Oh no! Ryan kept feeding me with his delicious cooking. It's all his fault. LOL! Why do I also love eating rice so much? Huhuhu! Kasalanan din ni kanin. Hindi kasi kumpleto ang kainan kapag walang kanin diba? Anyway, I've switched to brown rice. Good luck to moi ;-p

Valentine's was boring. We didn't even go out. I didn't even get any flowers! Grrrrr! LOL! Sabi ko sa kanya maski santan or gumamela masaya na ako. Basta may flowers. Ipagpag niya muna, noon college kasi may nagbigay sa kin, pinitas lang niya sa campus 'di man lang pinagpag, kinagat tuloy ako ng langgam. Kinagat ko labi niya in return. Haha! ;-p I told him he could pick any flowers from the garden. Doesn't have to be a rose. Just make sure they don't have any ants. If the ants bit me, I'll bite his lips in return. Gently bite his lips I mean. LOL! 
Oh well, I guess I'll just have to settle for his three words; "I love you."
I love you too and I love you all especially my 5 loyal blog readers. Used to be only 4, now they're 5. Toyo you are slowly climbing up to success. Hahaha! Love ya! Mwah! ;-)